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I love a good face mask and have turned using one into a bit of a ritual. There’s nothing that beats that feeling of putting on a detoxing mask that draws out the impurities and refreshes your skin so you’re ready for the next week. The only downside is the mess though as I inevitably end up with clay mask all over my bathroom, made even worse by attempting to wash it off again. Mess is a thing of the past though thanks to MyFaceWorks. Their innovative paper masks make pampering super easy as you just rip open the sachet and bung on your face. The mask comes pre-cut in the shape of a face, even including holes for your eyes, nose and mouth! You simply take the mask and place over your face, smoothing out and moving around until it sits where you want it.

The masks are infused with a large amount of moisture so they stick in place while you carry on with what needs to be done. You may look like someone from a burns unit for the 15 minutes you keep it on, but it takes the fuss completely out of the process. The mask doesn’t dry out either so your skill feels fresh and revitalised without the drying and crunchy feeling a traditional clay mask brings. The masks come in twelve different varieties including ‘I need to detox,’ ‘I need to wake up’ and ‘I need to be firm’ – I’ve been trying ‘I need a clear day’. Although designed for mild acne, it sorted me out during that time of the month when every pore seemed to sprout a spot; it drys the skin without stripping it, but leaves you feeling awake and refreshed.

The masks can be bought in a box of six for £42.50 so they’re not cheap, but you pay for the cotton mask to be soaked in a really high concentration of active ingredients that get to work to leave you feeling just the way you want. I love how they’re all named starting with ‘I need to…’ as it makes picking the perfect one really easy. Definitely an indulgence for you to pamper in or if you just need an extravagant treat to get you through all this Royal Wedding palaver.

These can be purchased exclusively at Beauty Works West


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