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As we become more and more conscious about what product we’re using and what ingredients they contain, it becomes  harder and harder to find decent ones that do the job we want. I was so pleased to find that ace hair brand Label M (from Toni and Guy) had launched their own range of organic shampoos and conditioners that I couldn’t wait to get them in my shower and lather up. They have two varieties, lavender and lemon, and I’ve been trying the Moisturising Lemongrass version for around three weeks. I couldn’t be happier with my swishy locks and how great the formula works to really hydrate and moisturise.

The shampoo and conditioner both contain high levels of certified organic ingredients, including quince, oats, rice milk and jojoba oil, to leave your hair ‘hi-drenched’ without build up. This gives you the best of both worlds, especially when they’re sulphate free too. Both products smell amazing as the lemongrass really comes through to ‘zing you up’ in the morning and awaken your senses – they’re an absolute pleasure to use. The pump action bottles make it easy to get the amount you need so there’s no wastage and the packaging is such high quality I’m amazed they can produce products like this at the price point.

The formula itself is rich and creamy. The shampoo lathers well, which is normally the main issue with organic and sulphate free shampoos, so you don’t have to use loads or hurt your hands attempting to make a foam thick enough to wash with. The conditioner is thick enough to really coat the hair and stay in place in the shower, leaving really soft and silky hair when it’s washed out. What I really like about this range is that it hydrates my hair without making it limp or lifeless; in fact it’s swishy and bouncy which is exactly what I want. 

I’m so pleased that a high profile and respected brand like Toni and Guy has taken the time, effort and money to create products that people are demanding. It goes to show that buying a shampoo that’s good for you and the environment doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style. These come thoroughly recommended by me to the point where I’m not quite sure how I’m going to cope when they run out.

Available online through lookfantastic.com and Toni and Guy salons priced around £13.25 each


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