Dirty Weekend

After the stresses and strains of the week it’s not just your feet and liver that need some special attention come the weekend your hair needs some additional love too. After a week of styling, product build-up, pollution and general abuse, your hair is no doubt screaming out for a detox and injection of moisture. UNITE have launched the perfect solution in the form of the ‘Weekender Shampoo’ which is deeply clarifying whilst not removing any natural oils that keep your hair healthy and shiny. It literally gets rid of the product build-up, contains protein for a boost of strength and gives you a great base for you to abuse your hair all over again the following week – you only need to use it at weekends to keep your hair tip top. The shampoo smells lovely and uplifting thanks to the mandarin oil and lathers well to create a foam that you feel is really cleansing your hair.

To support the ‘Weekender’ UNITE also have a range of intensive treatments to inject goodness back into your hair, of which I’ve been trying the moisturising treatment. You can keep this on anywhere from five to twenty minutes before washing it out and being left with super soft, moisturised and healthy looking hair. The treatments are all paraben and sodium chloride free, are colour safe and contain a vegetable protein blend to repair, protect and reduce breakage by up to 80%. After a week away in Bristol and washing my hair in different water, as well as the reduced hair routine and travel styling equipment, my barnet absolutely drank up this treatment, leaving me with super swishy locks again. 

As the brand is pretty new to the UK it’s only available in limited places, although I’ve managed to find a pretty fabby website which you can plug in your postcode and it tells you exactly where is near to you. They also stock it in Urban Retreat in Harrods, which is a pretty good stamp of approval!


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