Sweet smell of candlelight

With the stresses that seem to be going on in my life right now, there’s nothing better than sitting back and relaxing with a beautifully scented candle. It can change your mood and make you feel all warm and cosy, even if you’re sitting all alone in your flat surrounded by boxes… ahem. Floris is a brand that has an amazing heritage and a 280 year old story – something I seem to be hunting down much more nowadays, rather than the 80p candles from IKEA. Their scented candles are perfect for Mothers Day as they are not only displayed beautifully in a box with metal lid to cover up the unsightly melted wax, but they smell amazing and really disperse a strong scent into the room that lasts well over 24hrs. 

The candle itself doesn’t look particularly different or unique once you take it out of its box as it’s just a plain glass pot with plain white wax. No branding and no obvious reason why you’d fork out £35 for it. However, when you light it the smell is fabulous and really works its way around the room. I would say all of the money has been spent on the ingredients and the box though, as the candle I have has those air bubbles around the side where the wax doesn’t quite fill up all the pot – something that could prove problematic as it gets about half way down the wick. I do think this would make a lovely present as they’re packaged so carefully and thoughtfully – plus Floris is a little bit of history all wrapped up in some delicious scents that hang around for so long you’ll have forgotten where they’re coming from.


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