Summer Scents

It’s about now that I start to think about changing my fragrance selection for something a bit lighter and fresher, ready for when the weather catches up with me and starts to be a bit sunnier. The shelves of our chemists and department stores are now beginning to be flooded with Summer scents and I’ve got four launches from perfume mega-house Coty to share with you.

I’m a big fan of Kate Moss’ previous fragrances, having finally bought into the celebrity endorsements with her Velvet Hour (and later Vintage) launch which I adore. Her latest offering is Love Blossoms, a sweet, simple fragrance in an equally sweet, simple bottle. “Love Blossoms is a beautifully uplifting fresh fragrance that exudes hope and happiness. This sparkling juicy scent opens with a spicy dash of pink pepper mingled with soft peach nectar and lily of the valley. The romantic floral heart blooms with a delicate trio of frangipani, Egyptian jasmine and peony before giving way to a warm and sensual signature of patchouli, white musk and vanilla sorbet.” This is a much younger fragrance than her previous offerings, being quite sweet and floral, but I do still quite like it. It’s easy to wear and it doesn’t offend my nostrils at all, which seeing as I normally don’t like sweet scents is an achievement in itself. The bottle is basic and the design simple, but for £15 you can’t argue – you’re getting a simple, fresh fragrance for a snippet.

When Beyonce launched her first fragrance the World seemed to go a little bit mental for it, but personally I didn’t like the scent itself. It was too heavy and just didn’t hit the right notes, but her newest addition ‘Heat Rush’ is much more up my street and updated for the change in season. “Beyoncé Heat Rush instantly captures attention with sparkling top notes of passion fruit, blood orange and Brazilian cherry. The heart of the fragrance is a delicate floral bouquet of yellow tiger orchid, mango blossom and orange hibiscus. The base engages with hints ofteak wood, honey amber and a musk accord. “I created Heat Rush to bring the feeling of warmth and sensuality to every woman who wears it. It’s feminine and sexy, fresh and beautiful,” describes Beyoncé.” This would explain why I like it – some of my favourite scents are passion fruit, mango, cherry and honey. This is a more mature Summer fragrance that is one of the nicest I’ve smelt for 2011 – deep, layered and fruity without being sweet, this has that ‘je n’est c’est quoi’ that makes everyone I’ve asked love it.

Another great scent for the new season is Guess ‘Wild Summer’, which is quite similar to Beyonce’s ‘Heat Rush’ but with more of a woody base. “The top notes are a flirty wink and coquettish giggle as the day dawns: fruity Lychee and crispy Pear sprinkled with vibrant Red Berries. As a relationship blossoms in the steamy dusk, the heart of the fragrance unveils: a floral bouquet of iconic Rose and tender Orange Flower draped in ethereal Jasmine vapor. Finally, night blooms: an intense dry down of sensual Vanilla, deep Cashmere Wood and intoxicating Musks.” I’ve worn this quite a few times over the last week and I think it’s a really great day-to-night fragrance that makes me feel pretty on-trend. I’ve never worn a Guess fragrance before but this dabble has made me intrigued to find out what other treasures have gone before me unnoticed.

The final fragrance is by pop princess Kylie. She seems to have launched enough fragrances to fill a perfume shop, but ‘Pop Sparkle’ is something different from the rest… “Modern and edgy yet still undeniably glamorous, POP Pink Sparkle opens with a spicy dash of dazzling pink pepper, blended with fresh, sweet notes of crisp apple and white peach. The floral heart is built around the light and fluffy tones of Bulgarian rose with delicate hints of tiara flower and marigold, giving the fragrance its beautiful vibrancy. Finally, it settles on a warm and sensual woody base of musk, sandalwood and ambrose.” I have to admit that I don’t really like this. It’s a bit too sweet for me and doesn’t settle into something particularly enjoyable. It reminds me of those fragrances you get in Next or La Senza when they’ve clearly tried to create something good but it just smells like room spray. The bottle is a letdown too as I expected a bit more glamour and quality from such a stylish lady. Better luck next time Kylie.

All four of these fragrances are really complementary and embody the Summer season, providing a perfect excuse to update your fragrance wardrobe. Do you change your scents to match your footwear? Wild Summer would go perfectly with a pair of gold gladiator sandals!


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