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I love eyeshadow palettes because it means I don’t have to carry millions of different individual pots around with me, especially when I’m going away for the weekend. The problem is though that there’s always one colour you don’t like, one colour you don’t use and one colour that you always wish was just different. The genius people over at Front Cover Cosmetics have come up with a new concept that means you’ll never be carrying round unnecessary colours again. I really like FCC as they’re great quality, colourful and reasonably priced, but the big issue I had was their eyeshadows and blushers being packaged in huge boxes and not being able to remove them. This has totally solved that problem, so bravo to them.

You get a black ‘shell’ case which contains a mirror and four holes to fill with the colours of your choice. The colours come individually packed in little plastic casings which are then popped out and clicked into place in a jiffy. It’s really easy to put them in and take them out again so you can always chop and change depending what colours you’re rocking that day.  I was a bit concerned that when you put them in they’d never see the light of day again, but it’s very easy to change them around when you want.

I think this is a fab idea that will do really well. I know a couple of more premium brands that have a similar product, but this is the first one I’ve seen that’s way more affordable. The palette is £5 and the shadows £4 each, but if you buy them together you save £6 because you can grab the lot for £15! There are 25 shades to choose from too so you can go for neutrals, greens, blues, deeper hues or something crazy. You’re investing into some really great eyeshadows too because the pigments are always very impressive… grab some now before they’re gone!

Pick these up in selected Boots stores and online now.


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