My Beautiful Friends

In a world full of adverts pushing you the latest mascara and flawless foundation, it’s refreshing every so often to sit down in front of the telly and watch something that’s really important. Last night I, among many others, made myself a cuppa and sat down to watch Katie Piper: My Beautiful Friends, the inspiring story of tackling facial disfigurements.  Beauty and the Beast this was not – heartwarming, humbling and at some points plain tear jerking. Katie filmed a documentary in 2009 and allowed us to follow her journey from being horrifically subjected to an attack where she had acid thrown in her face, to now being in a positive and influential person who has made it her mission to help others facing similar issues.

This new four part documentary on Channel 4 continues to follow her as she meets and helps others suffering from facial and body disfigurements, including burn victims and people suffering from genetic abnormalities, as well as her journey to set up the Katie Piper Foundation as a beacon of support for others. In the first show you saw the amazing bravery of the men and women living with these issues on a daily basis. This included not only the pain and trauma of undergoing surgery, stretching skin to make way for skin graphs and their ways of dealing with their changing bodies, but also how this affects their relationships with others and even how they’re treated by the general public.

I was on twitter while watching the programme and the outpouring of comments regarding bravery was incredible… It seemed that everyone was on the same page and that page was praising this amazing lady, Katie Piper. What got me the first time was when Katie underwent a procedure to remove fat from her thighs to put into her face, giving her structure and definition. The acid attack burnt not only the skin, but also the fat underneath so she had no ‘features’ other than those that have been created for her. Seeing someone almost in tears because they had cheeks had me crying into my cuppa. It makes you wonder what’s important doesn’t it?

I spend my life writing about beauty products, how this foundation will cover your spots, how this lipstick will give you an awesome pout, how this shampoo will make your locks luscious… It all seems a bit menial and superficial now. So for today I urge you to think about how lucky you are and how minor our problems now seem to be. That spot on your cheek may be annoying, but at least you’ve got a cheek.

Watch the first episode here on C4 on demand and tune into the next episodes every Tuesday at 9pm on C4.

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  1. britishbeautyblogger
    March 23, 2011 / 9:58 pm

    Lovely post. Agree with all. BBB x

  2. manths
    March 24, 2011 / 9:14 am

    very well said!Sam xx

  3. Lulu B
    March 24, 2011 / 9:46 am

    Well done for writing about this, so many people avoid subjects that really matter on blogs! I watched this and I too had a little tear and realised how materialistic i can be! I have red birth marks on my face and i'm constantly trying to cover them up. Watching this made me realise how pathetic i was being and that a few red marks on my face was nothng compared to what these people have been through. They were truly inspiring xx

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