Calling Dr P

When I was invited to go and find out about a new skincare launch from Doctor Linda Papadopolous my first thought was ‘what does that psychologist off Big Brother know about skin?’ Well, Linda has studied the skin for many years in conjunction with her studies as a psychologist, specialising in the effect of our appearance on our mental health. She’s established not only that certain textures and smells affect the way we feel, but also that we need to see quick visible results to believe a product is of benefit to us and continue using it. She’s developed her range with the help of skin care experts, ensuring that her products not only look and feel good, but also have a very positive effect on the skin. This may not be rocket science, but the result it a range that looks great, smells amazing and contains some great ingredients so you’re getting a product that should be twice or three times the actual RRP.

Within the Skin Therapy range is a facial wash, day and night moisturiser, two eye creams, a lip exfoliator and plumper and a toner spray. When I first saw the products I instantly fell in love with the luxurious, glamorous packaging that felt and looked like great quality – purple means regal after all. It’s lovely to see a range that has a really strong and clear identity in such a cluttered market and that so much care and attention has been taken to ensure the customer feels like they’re buying into a lifestyle rather than just another product… Linda even includes tips on the back of each product to help you on your way to a happy life!

The products contain essential oils and natural fragrances so the scents are amazing. I personally love the orange smell of the lip products and the beautiful rose-water scent of the toner. These are probably my two favourite products too as the lip plumper acts like a subtle pout enhancer whilst still being a great long-lasting gloss that smells amazing. The toner is simply fabulous and a product that I won’t stop using for some time; packaged in a pump spray it removes traces of make-up and refreshes skin without leaving it tight, as well as acting as an overall uplifting spray that can be used over cosmetics to liven the skin and wake you up. It literally smells and feels like pure water with a hint of petal action… beautiful. The night moisturiser and eye creams also work really well to moisturise and uplift the complexion overnight, leaving you with quite outstanding results the morning after – I actually had to prod myself in the mirror to check that it was me the first time I used it.

I think this is a fab range and can’t wait for it to launch in May so you can all have a look too. It will be available in Harrods, among other places, so I’ll keep you updated with news when I have it!



  1. Jade
    March 25, 2011 / 11:29 am

    They really do let anyone have a skincare range now…! Jade By The Sea

  2. London Beauty Queen
    March 26, 2011 / 9:35 am

    She's a qualified dermatologist and has a lot of expertise in the area so it makes sense once you realise!

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