Smooth Criminal

There’s nothing I’d like more out of my beauty regime than to magically have smooth, flowing tresses. Ok, maybe a smaller bum or skinnier thighs, but on the whole the focus lays with my head. On the hunt for the perfect taming wonder-products my ears pricked up and my eyes grew wide when I heard about/saw Aveda’s latest range – Smooth Infusion. You may have seen this crop up on the blogosphere recently with a lot of the girls trying the products out for themselves, but what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t have my ten pence worth? I’ve been giving the main styling product, Style-Prep Smoother, the once over to see if it really can infuse my hair with some smoothness.

Aveda claim to have created a formula that defends against humidity for 12 hours and contains a unique plant infusion to create a smooth surface on hair. This added to the wheat protein that prevents heat damage and you’re on to a winning formula – quite literally. The Style-Prep Smoother is a white creamy liquid that you use before styling; I still have to use serum whatever product I use so this can be bunged on after… a couple of pumps is enough to cover the whole head. I have to admit that when I blow dry my hair using this is does go a bit mental and not as smooth or controlled as it is using other products (which is a bit strange!), but I stayed with it in the name of Science. The wonder starts to happen once you’ve styled and left the product to work its magic.

After I’d straightened and spritzed my hair it did seem smooth, shiny, controlled and ready for the day ahead. After an hour or so I really noticed the difference as my hair became really silky to the touch and the kinks started to iron themselves out. Considering it was spitting for two of the days when I was trialing this and it still managed to withstand the elements, I was impressed. The only thing that is an issue for me is that it completely strips my hair of volume and style… there’s no va-va-voom for me with this, no sweeping fringe or big-up on the roots. My hair is straight, smooth and shiny, but that’s about it. I do like volume in my hair so I think I’d only use this if I was tying it back or wanted to change my look, but if you’ve got long locks that are in need of a smooth injection then this could help you out.

Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother (now that’s a mouthful) is £18.00 and available from Aveda salons and various websites online.


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