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Being a relative youngun I haven’t yet started to worry too much about ageing or looking after my skin. Yes I cleanse, tone, moisturise, exfoliate, take my vitamins and attempt to drink water, but that’s it. When I was first approached about Skin Poetry, a new treatment from skin expert John Tsagaris, I was sceptical and not really sure if it would be worth it – I’ve had facials before and just saw them as an excuse to relax rather than actually being of benefit to my skin. I certainly didn’t come out feeling fresh or ready to face the world without my slap, so I expected this to be the same. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

“The SKINPOETRY ™ treatment evolved as the natural outcome of John Tsagaris’ long experience in Chinese medicine, SKINPOETRY ™ is inspired by his understanding – the simplest way is the most effective way – to achieve impressive results. John designed the treatment specifically to combine his highly skilful hands, the wisdom of facial shiatsu, and the science of Hyaluronic Acid. His bare hands, full of energy and experience, recharge and invigorate the face while he perceives and diagnoses the client’s general condition, ready for referral to other disciplines as needed. Simplicity, passion for healthy beautiful skin, and wisdom from ancient ways makes this treatment into timeless skin bliss.”

John’s surgery is located about five minutes from Harvey Nichols in the heart of Knightsbridge, and although it’s hidden away and slightly dingy from the outside once you get inside his office is bright, white and welcoming – as is he. Within five minutes I had green tea in my mouth and had been asked questions about my skin type and routine, then I was up on the table having the best facial procedure ever. After cleansing, Hyaluronic Acid is applied to the skin and John literally massages and pinpoints the pressure points, encouraging the acid to be absorbed and to naturally plump up the skin.

The procedure claims to invigorate facial energy and blood circulation, release facial muscular tension, drain puffiness and fluid retention, as well as brightening up dull, stressed complexions. I’m happy to say it does all of that and I’m amazed. After 30/40 mins of me being so relaxed I could have fallen asleep, my face was so plump, fresh, clear and rejuvenated I didn’t stop prodding myself for about two hours! You can see from the video I was pretty excited… I would totally recommend a trip to John if you have skin that needs a plump or a refresh – perfect post Fashion Week if you’re suffering.

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  1. fluff and fripperies
    February 25, 2011 / 2:40 pm

    This looks great – Hyaluronic Acid is the stuff restylane, the facial filler injections, is made of…was at a demo last night, there's a wee write up on my blog if you're interested:

  2. Cassie
    February 25, 2011 / 3:39 pm

    Omg the descriptions look delish and really makes me crave for a massage or facial now!Prevention is the best cure and that's the same for aging! Ever since I saw a photo of 30 year old Natalia Vodianova partying it up whilst looking like 23, I've been religious with my prevention routine ^^

  3. London Beauty Queen
    February 25, 2011 / 7:19 pm

    It honestly made such a difference I was astonished. I can only imagine how fab it would be on someone with wrinkles!

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