A perfect shade of foam

This weekend was full of drama and started off with me forgetting my flat key and ended with me missing my hair colour appointment – loooong story. So basically my roots needed desperately doing as I started looking a bit like Helen Mirren and I couldn’t face another few weeks of those pesky greys poking through. I’ve had a box of John Frieda Precision Foam colour in my bathroom for months, but because I’ve been getting my hair dyed in the salon I didn’t have a need for it… until now when it became my saving grace. I’ve seen so many adverts for this recently that I was a little excited to try it and it didn’t let me down.

The contents of the box look a bit like this. You basically get the normal two-part mixing potions, a conditioner and some fab black gloves which actually fit and aid the process because they don’t stick to your hair. When you mix the colour into the developer it’s really important you don’t shake, but tilt five times (very precise) to mix the colour and create the foam. The genius though is in the really simple bottle that you squeeze to create a handful of foam… I didn’t get bored of this and felt a bit like a kid being let loose with a grown-up industrial product! The foam is really light and the bottle produces about double the amount I needed to cover my bob-length barnet so it’s more than plenty for even Rapunzel.

You really have to cover your whole head with the foam and keep layering it up until you literally can’t add any more. There’s an amusing picture in the instructions of a woman with a Mr Whippy on her head and that’s the look you’ve got to aim for. To start with you think you’ve reached the maximum capacity of your head, but believe me you can keep on going and you really must to make sure all your hair is covered – it’s more difficult to tell with foam as it’s lighter and you don’t want a patchy head!

The thing I love so much about this product is the fact that it’s not only easy to use and well thought through, but also I don’t have to clean up like there’s been a radiation leak after. When I use other home hair kits I inevitably end up with a dyed bathroom and matching towels. No matter how hard I try or careful I am the dye still seems to flick left, right and centre and appear on every surface within a mile radius. With the foam it stays on your head and not even a speck touches another surface – there’s no massive red ears or speck on the ceiling that you have no idea how it got there, it literally stays put where it’s supposed to.

The dye washes out easily and the massive conditioner (which is a bonus as it’ll be enough for about four or five washes) glides on nicely, leaving hair soft and shiny with no residue. I was really pleased with the colour result as my hair was rich, shiny and smooth while the dye picked up the subtle hints in my underlying hair colour so it’s not just a straight block of red. All my greys were covered without a problem and it even gave me a bit of added bounce and condition that my head had so desperately been lacking!

Overall I really liked this dye and at around the £7.99 mark don’t think it’s overpriced for the result you get. The foam makes at-home dying so much easier so it’s perfect for those of you who shy away from DIY in the beauty sense. The claim is that it’s ‘salon professional colour at home’ which is a massive oversell, but this aint half bad as an alternative. I would definitely use this again, and with twenty shades to choose from you’re bound to find one that you fancy.



  1. G A B Y
    February 14, 2011 / 4:11 pm

    I'm very curious about those new foam hairdyes. Yout hair looks lovely!

  2. London Beauty Queen
    February 14, 2011 / 4:56 pm

    Thank you! Defo worth a look, I was very impressed.

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