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Some of the simplest things in life are the most difficult to get right. You can spend a few quid on an eyeliner and it can scratch your eye out or it can be the best liner you’ve ever bought. With New CID cosmetics you can guarantee you’re going to get a really great quality product that not only has one fab use, but two! All of their pens and pencils are double-ended so you not only save money, time and space but you can indulge in even more make-up without worrying.

Within their range they’ve got the only black eyeliner you’ll ever need. On one end you’ve got a crayon that stays put while being smudgy enough to blend and create a great striking look. On the other end you’ve got an extra fine felt-tip style liner for creating those oriental flicks that are so hard to get right – trust me, with this you’ll find it easy. Unsurprisingly this is called the ‘i-flick’!

For those of you that need a bit of brow grooming the double-ended brow pencil could be right up your street. One end contains an angled pencil/crayon mix that’s dry enough to not smudge but is more malleable than a normal pencil – it’s easy enough to really follow the brow line and get the colour in just the right place. Mix this with the brow brush on the other end for grooming and brushing through the pencil to create a natural look and you’ve got tip-top eyebrows.

My favourite though has to be the dual liner and eyeshadow pen. Both ends are perfectly matched in colour so that the effect is seamless and you can ‘smoke’ your eye really easily. The liner is in the same crayon-type formula as the black eyeliner but the same shape as the eyebrow pencil. In the opposite end you’ve got a smudging brush which dips into a little pot of shadow so you can specifically put it where you want. I’ve got this in a few colours and it’s a must have for going away because you’ve got a whole look in the size of a pen.

If your pencil case is full of these beauties then you’ll be the star of the playground. Although the teachers may confiscate them because they’re jealous.  (I have no idea where this is going either…)


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