A gem of a polish

When I was asked by a fellow blogger what my favourite nail polish was, it didn’t take me long to say Amber Stone by Rituals. I’ve written about it before and how much I adored the formula, colour and even the package as in a market flooded with polishes this range really stands out. It’s a small offering of only eight colours, but all eight are classic and wearable shades that wouldn’t look out of place at any time of year. The range includes reds, pinks, browns and deeper shades to give your talons a slick of glamour – but the one I’m sporting at the moment is a delicious coral by the name of Rebel Rose.

I love coral colours and normally would save them mainly for the Summer months, but this one is verging on pink-coral so it doesn’t look out of place during drizzly February. The formula of the polishes are ‘enriched with the power of gemstones’ which makes the formula super strong and shiny… Not only does it look like you’re wearing a topcoat when you’re not, but it strengthens your nails too. When I wear these polishes my nails generally flake and chip less as the formula is thick and really feels like it’s protecting your nails. I adore the fact that you can get away with one coat (which dries quicker than any other polish I own) when you’re in a rush and it doesn’t chip as soon as you leave the house.

At £7.90 I think for the quality you’re getting something really special. You can easily spend £6 on a bog-standard polish from Boots, but for a bit more not only do you get the specialist service and experience, but a really great polish that you won’t be disappointed with. Rituals has even got this philosophy on their website:  

“Some 5000 years ago, the Chinese made nail varnish based on beeswax, egg whites, gelatine, colourings and gum. Their favourite colours were red and black. Long nails were once a sign of wealth: for rich women from the Chinese Ming dynasty they were proof that they did not have to perform manual labour. Gold or silver guards were used to protect their rice paper-strengthened nails. In ancient Babylon and Egypt you could tell someone’s job, culture and status from their hands and nails. Cleopatra loved rust red varnish; Nefertiti’s favourite was Ruby Red. Your nails are a barometer for your body’s health and your hands are regarded as your visiting card, giving you good reasons to look after and pamper them regularly. Rituals has developed a complete line of nail care products. Fabulous for treating your nails with love!”

How lovely is that? So be careful what colour you choose – it could say a lot about you.



  1. Beauty Attitudes
    February 10, 2011 / 10:35 am

    Great review, thank you. Off to buy some, am obsessed by coral colour nail varnishes!

  2. London Beauty Queen
    February 11, 2011 / 10:10 pm

    Let me know how you get on… I adore the shades.

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