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There’s apparently a hot new trend in town and that trend is food that makes you beautiful. This is a bit of a random one, but Gilgamesh restaurant has launched their new ‘Eat Yourself Beautiful’ menu which contains edible collagen to give your skin a boost while you munch your way through a plate of delicious food. Being the generous beauty blogger that I am, I tottered on down to Camden to spend the evening munching away guilt-free. The restaurant itself is in the heart of Camden, just by the lock, and located in this immense space that’s dark and dingy but equally beautiful and decorated with wooden sculptures.

The £6 dumpling – yep, you get just one!

“Wave goodbye to needles and knifes, Gilgamesh has the latest beauty fix – on a plate! The benefits of protein to the human body have long been recognised by scientists, with collagen in particular being hugely popular with individuals wanting a more youthful and flawless skin. In recent years, Japanese women, who are known as being amongst the most image-conscious in the world, have taken the use of collagen one step further, by increasing their collagen intake in a very different way: from the inside.”

Collagen salad – actually very tasty, although teeny

The menu is quite limited, offering only five dishes, a wheatgrass shot and a milkshake, so if you’re up for a feast you may be left hungry. The main dishes include a beauty box of poached chicken, grilled salmon, collagen salad and dumplings. When the food first started to come out we were quite disappointed with the size of the salad (£12 for a bowl of leaves and collagen!) and the single dumpling that arrived, but the larger dishes were much more satisfying. I didn’t know what to expect and if the food would even be edible, but I have to say it was all delicious. You can’t tell that there are added collagen elements and the spices and dressings used make this a really light, tasty meal option.

Poached chicken in broth

You don’t get a lot for your buck – we shared all of this between two of us which amounted to £49 – so it’s not the cheap option on the menu. To be honest if I was to go back I’d end up having one of the other amazing looking meals that the restaurant boasts… particularly as we were still hungry and ended up having a toffee crumble pudding each, which I’m sure defeats the point of the healthy menu! The restaurant itself is amazing and well worth the look, but the ‘eat yourself beautiful’ menu is clearly a gimmick that will appeal to the ladies what lunch and read Vogue.

Grilled salmon and black rice

As for whether or not I came away looking like I’d had a round of botox… hardly! I don’t think you’d ever consume enough collagen to make a difference unless you went for lunch here every day. Collagen is really good for you and this is a good introduction to start thinking about new ingredients that can have a positive impact on your diet and health. A good idea, but I’m not sure how many people will willingly pass up on one of their fab Thai Green Currys in favour of a plate of shiny salad!

This was amazing – toffee crumble and cinnamon ice cream!


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