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Every so often a brand creeps up onto your radar that has something a little bit special and different about it. Sometimes this brand may not be for everyone, but everyone should really know about it because it’s just that interesting. Right now the brand bleeping away on my product radar is Aesop. This Australian brand has taken the Aussies by storm and now it’s making waves over here in the UK with ingredient-based rather than marketing-based product range. Their ethos is to spend 80% of the cost on the product and 20% on the package and promotion – a complete reversal of 99% of products in the market place today. Because of this the packaging is simple, effective and based on keeping the ingredients in tip-top shape (which is why the glass is tinted, to prevent UV damage.) Ten years ago this may not have been appealing, but in a generation of beauty enthusiasts that want simple, retro and minimalist design this sits right in the heart of their needs.

Their products are really focused on delivering a solution to a problem rather than being cosmetic. “Aesop’s skin care products contain plant-derived ingredients of the highest quality, and make judicious use of synthetic ingredients such as anti-oxidants. Our range caters for all types of skin and is designed for use from forehead to chest.” Having said that they smell delicious and feel like they’re ‘doing something’ straight away.

I’ve been trying the Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream and it smells amazing – you can really get a hit of essential oils within one sniff. It delivers deep hydration straight away, and although it leaves a slight residue for about 20mins, protects you from the sun for hours after. If you struggle with protecting your skin and live in a city full of pollution, varying heat and free radicals everywhere, then this range is definitely worth a look. They have three stores in and around London, all different designs and focused on fitting in with the surrounding community – check out their website or pop into Space NK to have a sniff and gander for yourself. 



  1. Simone
    February 6, 2011 / 2:41 pm

    I agree with you about this brand.I'm living in Australia (although I'm English) and I think this is the best Australian skin and hair care brand. I would recommend their products. Incidentally, I have very sensitive combination skin.Currently, my partner and I are using their Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, Resurrection Hand Cream, massage oils (all three types, although I like All's Well/Tout Va Bien most), the Violet Leaf Hair Balm (a styling product that doesn't need to be washed out after each use) and one of their gentle shampoos.I would be interested to know how much more expensive the products are in the UK than in Australia.Simone x

  2. London Beauty Queen
    February 6, 2011 / 4:10 pm

    Hi Simone. I've got a bunch of products to try and do indivdual reviews on so they'll be coming soon… In terms of price they're retailing at £16 for hand cream, facial oil is £34 for 200ml and the cleansing masque is £26 for 120ml. How much to they retail for in Australia? x

  3. Jo
    February 6, 2011 / 8:24 pm

    What a coicidence i was just eyeing up this range in SpaceNK today. Hadn't heard much about it so ended up not buying (i bought some By Terry stuff instead so the purse was already screeching!) – can't wait for more reviews. If they're positive i'll have the perfect excuse to go skipping back :DI'm your newest follower by the way, can't believe i wasn't following already!Jo xoxo My little blog…

  4. Simone
    February 7, 2011 / 1:31 am

    Hello LBQ,Here the hand cream is the equivalent of 16 pounds for 75ml or 21 pounds for 120ml.I'm unsure as to which facial oil you mean; we can only buy it in the 25ml size. The Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream is 27 pounds for 60ml or 37 pounds for 120ml.The cleansing masque is 17 pounds for 120ml.So, the hand cream is very good value (you're not paying extra for shipping from Australia) and the masque less so. (I believe all of their products are manufactured here.)Simone x

  5. Anonymous
    February 8, 2011 / 1:19 pm

    Even though I've only tried two things I adore Aesop! It's not cheap but the quality is definitely worth it!

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