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Fragrance is a big part of my beauty regime in the morning, as picking a scent to me is like picking the shoes to go with my outfit. I’m definitely not one of those people who sticks to one smell for all occasions – I literally have about twenty to choose from. This ethos is carried through to Miller Harris, who as specialist perfumer put creating fragrances for individuals at the heart of their business. I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon in their London store, which is located just off Regent street at the heart of the capital and has neighbours including Stella McCartney and Matthew Williamson.

The cute store is the perfect place to browse and take in the scents that surround you. Even though the shelves are adorned with bottles and fragrant concoctions, it’s not overwhelming and it certainly doesn’t give you a headache like the perfume departments of some high street retailers! The staff are friendly and will really take the time with you to make sure you get the perfect products for you. The Miller Harris fragrances are split into four categories – floral, oriental, woody and citrus – so it’s easy to identify what kind of scent you’ll like. You can either go for a ‘classic’ bottle, ‘Ligne de Parfum’ which is an extension of seasonal scents and the new ‘limited edition’ range. All the scents are truly beautiful and I found myself liking things I wouldn’t normally, purely because of the way the ingredients are brought together.

Eventually, after trying literally every scent in the shop, I settled on Coeur de Fleur which is described as “a base of Florentine iris and Madagascan vanilla supports a heart of sweet pea, mimosa, Egyptian jasmin, raspberry and peach to make a warm, but intensely feminine, impression.” I would never in a million years have gone for a floral fragrance normally (I’m much more citrusy and woody) but this really struck me and smelt amazing on my skin. I also picked one of their delightful home candles and went for Boid Fume which “has a base of cedar, vetiver and santal. An immediate impression of smoky birch and black tobacco reveals an undertone of nutmeg and cumin.” I can’t express how amazing this candle smells… I was given one as a gift about a year ago and it was my ultimate luxury item that I made last for as long as possible! At £29.00 for the candle and £65.00 for 100ml of the fragrance I think these are great affordable luxuries that you won’t regret investing in.

I love Miller Harris as a brand as they make beautiful products that smell amazing and add just a little bit of luxury to your life. You may have spotted these in the loos of posh hotels or bars because these tend to cater to that audience very well – in fact I’ve just got back from The Soho Hotel (hanging out with Heidi from The Sugababes, as you do!) and they have Miller Harris hand wash and lotion in every bathroom.What’s even better now is they’ve started to brew their own tea in the flagship store so you can sit back, relax and unwind while picking the perfect products for you. There’s even olive oils, linen waters and tea towels to choose from so guaranteed you’ll walk away with arm fulls of products. If you can’t get down to the store they’re available from the top department stores nationwide, as well as their website Enjoy!

The tea room in the flagship London store


  1. Alistyles.
    January 23, 2011 / 1:57 am

    I LOVE Miller Harris! Just today I was browsing in my local TK Maxx and spotted some little gems that they had! A fantastic candle and body lotion. The products usually circulate around the diffrent stores at the same time so be sure to go have a look :) check out my new blog x.

  2. London Beauty Queen
    January 23, 2011 / 10:40 am

    They do get around to different stores for sure! I think if you have time to go to the store and have tea it's fab, but if not then picking the products up and taking them home is a pleasure enough in itself 🙂

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