Fuzzy Face – take two

I’ve been trying the Slendertone Face for a few weeks now (if you missed my introduction post then what were you doing? Tut, tut… catch up here) and attempting not to electrocute myself. It’s recommended that you use this equipment on a daily basis for around twenty minutes for optimum results, including plumping the skin and increasing the circulation for a more radiant look. I’ve been giving it a whirl sort of everyday, i.e. when I remember, and although I want to keep going for a few more weeks I thought I’d give you the low-down on what’s going on with my face.

The product itself is actually surprisingly teeny, basically compromising of a pair of headphones and a small gadget that’s no bigger than an ipod. The headphones sit around the back of your head (a bit like a rude boy) so the paddles are a couple of centimetres away from your ears. You can then increase the rate of the pulses to where you feel comfortable as the gadget is super easy to use and work to your own preferences. I’ve been using this on about number 10 (originally I started on 7 and worked my way up) which is just about noticeable, but just feels like a little fuzzy feeling flexing through your skin. Any lower than this and you can’t feel it if you’re worried. The paddles come with removable sticky bits which last about five uses and then you have to replace them for fresh ones or it doesn’t stay on your face!

I’ve mainly be using this in the morning as I get ready and some evenings, probably about five times a week for about three weeks. Although it’s really difficult to notice or feel any significant improvement in my youthful (ahem) appearance so far, my skin does feel a bit plumper and fresher. I haven’t had any breakouts at all since using this, whereas I’d normally expect a few honkers at least by now. My make-up it sitting a bit better on my skin and I generally feel like my face is pretty radiant. For £300 a go you’d want one of these machines to really make a difference, so I’m still not convinced 100% it’s worth the dosh. I’m interested to read about the older ladies that have tried this  – I’ve been told by one in particular that it’s amazing and she couldn’t live without it, so I wonder if it’s just meant to be for those ‘of a certain age’!

This has fitted into my skincare routine nicely so far and makes an interesting addition to my gadgets and gizmos. I can see this starting off a trend in a big way in a few years with all the brands coming out with a similar approach to looking after your skin. So basically what I’m saying it that I quite like it, but it’s a lot of money to pay for technology that hasn’t made a huge difference… yet. Stay tuned!



  1. Eli
    January 27, 2011 / 7:06 pm

    This is funny enough:) I suppose I'd look like a Star Trek hero with this on my face 😀 But if keeps little buggers like zits away – I'm willing to try 🙂

  2. London Beauty Queen
    January 27, 2011 / 9:55 pm

    I think it's supposed to be one of those maintainance tools that help you without realising it. I reckon they'll be loads in a few years!

  3. Eli
    January 28, 2011 / 1:05 pm

    Hope so! If they could only make them cheaper…

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