Bunny hopping

I think I practically have enough lipglosses to sink a battle ship, but there’s always room for one more. I’d heard a lot about Rouge Bunny Rouge products along the grapevine towards the end of 2010 – they’ve been popping up on blogs, people I’ve met have praised the brand and I’ve got the name stuck in my head. I didn’t realise the brand was so theatrical and magical until I clicked on zuneta.com where it’s sold exclusively… think a gothic Alice in Wonderland and you’re about there. Girlie, glamorous, dark, brooding – all words to describe this unique addition to our British make-up bags.

I was sent their Gleaming Temptations lipgloss in Birthday Suit which is a very nude shade of delicate beige. The colour isn’t remarkable, but what does make it worth the £20 price tag is the delicate shimmers and the teeniest pieces of glitter that catch the light. If you really look closely you can see them reflecting the light like a rainbow, which is an effect I’ve never seen in a gloss before. The formula itself is pleasant, glossy without being sticky, smells sweet and delicious without being sickly and comes in a really cute decorative bottle. Although it may seem like a lot for a gloss, this is definitely for the gloss addicts or anyone who wants a treat. I can’t wait to check out some more of the products – I’m a Bunny convert.


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