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So my annual visit to the hairdresser came along at the weekend – ok, that’s a massive exaggeration, but sometimes that’s what it feels like. The rate my hair grows when it’s shorter it goes into a world of its own where the shaggy messed up look it super cool. Gina Conway Aveda have just opened up a brand new salon on the Kings Road, Chelsea (swer-wit-swer-woo) which grows their London presence to four fabulous locations. I’d never had my hair cut in a Gina Conway salon before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I came out thinking it was the best hairdresser experience I’d ever had… considering I dread it like the dentist, this was a huge achievement.

The salon environment is really relaxing, with neutral colours, furnishings and lots of space. As soon as you walk in you know that this is like a haven from the bitter cold outside and you’re gonna feel like hot stuff when you walk out again. The salon itself has only been open a month and still has some bits and pieces to be improved, but to be honest you would never know and I think it looks pretty fab the way it is. So my consultation started rather unconventionally with three aromatherapy oils being wafted infront of my nose so I could pick the one that most appealed to me; as it was the oil containing lavender apparently I needed to relax – go figure! This amazing smelling oil was then massaged over my head, neck and shoulders until I was practically falling asleep in the chair.

What I really loved about the Gina Conway salon was the personalised service. They didn’t just bung a treatment on my hair, they made a cocktail that addressed my needs and added a bit of the aromatherapy oil for good measure (and more sleep-educing massage.) When my stylist, Natalie, checked out my barnet there were a lot of questions about my routine, hair texture, colour, product usage… all so she could create a look that was what I really wanted, as well as being suitable to my lifestyle/needs. She took her time to get it just right and the result was a style I adore. I love how it’s not over styled, but styled enough for me to va-va-voom it up on a Saturday night.

Excuse the random face pulling…
… It was hard to get a good pic of the ‘do.

I really felt taken care of and at home in the salon – and not just because I was there to review it. I get the impression that everyone is treated to a great experience that makes it much more than just a trip to get your split ends cut off. Because they’re affiliated with Aveda all of the products used and available in the salon are from the range, perfectly complementing the atmosphere that I could become very accustomed to. The best thing though had to be their investment in you as a customer; how many times have you been to a salon and once you’ve paid you’re quickly ushered out the door with not even a ‘thank you’? Natalie took the time to tell me that she was only a phone call away if I needed advice, had any questions or even if my hair just wasn’t working for me. Not that I would ever need to call her because she did such a great job, it was a fantastic touch to offer.



  1. Amina
    December 7, 2010 / 11:39 am

    love the cut and the colour, sounds like a fantastic experience. too often hairdressers are like an ordealAmina x

  2. London Beauty Queen
    December 9, 2010 / 5:31 pm

    I know… I get traumatised most times I have my hair done but this was an absolute pleasure!

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