Oui Oui, Meso-C

French skincare brand Filorga has just launched in the House of Fraser Apothecary, so a couple of weeks ago in very organised preparation I skipped (well, waddled because I was bloody knackered) down to their Westfield branch to meet the PR lady who’d come all the way from Francais to chat about the brand. I’d never heard of Filorga, but Ruth from A Model Recommends chirped up and told us she’d seen it all over the place in Paris. (Check her and her glamorous life!) Filorga is basically an injection specialist with 30 years experience in scary facial treatments, that I’m far too young to need, but they’ve transferred these skills into a skincare range. This is the first French range of ‘dermo-cosmetics’ that have originated directly from aesthetic medicine… sounds scary, but it’s not.

They’ve taken some of the active ingredients and created a skincare range that will visibly help to improve the appearance and elasticity of your skin without the need for nasty things like Botox or facelifts. I strongly recommend that you go online or into a store to find out more, because if I start trying to explain any more to you my head will start to explode with complicated formulas and ingredients that sound like German food. All you need to know is that I’ve been trying their Meso-C product and I love it. Meso-C is a multivitamin radiance treatment which contains 8% pure vitamin c to reinforce collagen production, stimulate and boost radiance. It claims to reduce signs of tiredness and to give you a really intense shot of goodness over a three week period.

You get three little vials with the active ingredient in the lid – you have to push the lid inwards to break the seal and release the ingredient into the formula. For this reason you get three little bottles which each contain a 7-day supply; after this time the ingredient is no longer ‘active’ so it basically doesn’t give you the result you want. I didn’t use all of the formula up after a week and I used it for a couple of days after… I could really see and feel the difference as the product wasn’t as effective. For this reason, use a generous amount morning and night before your cream and you’ll get the best results.

The product isn’t cheap, £60 for a three week supply, but you only need about three or four courses throughout the year – it’s not a continual use kind of product so no need to break the bank! I’ve been using it for two and a bit weeks now and I can see such a change… considering I’ve been working my butt off, getting no sleep, drinking a lot and it’s ‘that time of the month’ my skin is still looking pretty top notch. I’ve noticed it’s fresher, more radiant, needs less makeup and generally feels supple and healthy. I also haven’t had to moisturise as religiously because my skin isn’t as dry or manky at the end of the day. The full three week course should also impart enough goodness to keep you going for a while so that you’re investment pays off for some time to come. I wasn’t expecting to see much happen with this but I already feel like I can’t do without my Meso-C.

You can see the formula as it’s released

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