My favourite lips

I do like a good lippy. It makes me feel a little bit vampish and a lot more cool when I swipe a stick across my pout. It can completely change the way your face looks, the way your outfit sits or the whole aura of you as a person – it can also completely change your attitude and sometimes get you into trouble. (Or is that just me?) Because I feel like sharing, here are the lipsticks that I continuously grab on a Saturday night, and sometimes even on a Thursday… ooh err!

L-R: 1. Lord & Berry, 2. Chanel, 3. Bourjois, 4. Tom Ford

1. Lord and Berry was a completely new brand to me until I was sent this a few months ago. When I opened the pack I nearly fell off my chair, but as soon as I applied it I fell in love. The lipstick is an amazing bright pink (Fuscia Vogue) that applies like a dream and stays put all night. It’s a nice alternative to a red; a little more funky and suitable for any season (unlike oranges and nudes which would look wrong out of season.) I wear this when I want to make an impact but am wearing quite a plain impact – it looks amazing with a plain LBD as all anyone can look at is your pout. At £10 I think it’s an absolute bargain.

2. The ultimate lipstick has to be a Chanel. Your makeup collection will never be complete unless you bite the bullet at one stage in your life (maybe when you’re earning enough dosh to justify spending the £22.50) and pop to the black and white counter to make your purchase. And it has to be red – thems are the rulez. Lipstick is one thing that you get what you pay for, and there’s no better feeling than popping your lippy open and delicately applying a deep, intense red. The pack is fabulous, but the lipstick is great too – it almost stains your lips so you don’t need to re-apply that much. This shade is timeless and creates a really sharp, clean look that screams 1940’s siren. If Audrey Tatou does it, then so should you.

3. The one lip colour that got me through the Summer and beyond is this orange beauty from Bourjois. Cleverly entitled ‘Juicy Tangerine’, its colour is vibrant, long lasting and really moisturising. I was using this when I couldn’t find my lipbalm over the Summer too because it contains so much moisture – not the 8hrs it claims, but it makes your lips feel more luscious for a bit longer than usual. It’s also slightly glossy so the colour isn’t too scary or intimidating for anyone with a phobia of lipstick, and at £7.99 you can’t grumble at the price.

4. Tom Ford’s lipsticks are possibly the most luxurious make-up item I’ve ever owned. At £35 they’re not cheap (so ask Santa) but for the pure luxury of the pack it’s worth it – the white and gold makes you feel like you’re holding a piece of jewellery, not a lippy. The formula is divine too, extremely moisturising, beautiful to apply and this colour is gorgeous: True Coral. The hue of this one is deeper than the Bourjois orange so you can get away with it in colder temperatures, whilst still giving yourself a bit of a lift. I’ve been using this so sparingly so I don’t damage the ‘TF’ imprint that I know it’s going to last a loooong time; don’t be surprised if you see my grandchild wearing it in 50 years time.

L-R: 1. Lord & Berry, 2. Chanel, 3. Bourjois, 4. Tom Ford

So those are my most loved lippies – what can you not do without?



  1. Beauty's Bad Habit
    December 14, 2010 / 12:53 pm

    My God. The Lord & Berry one looks STUNNING. My fave lippies are MAC 'Honeylove', Barry M 'Vintage Rose' and Clinique 'Vintage Red'.

  2. London Beauty Queen
    December 14, 2010 / 1:49 pm

    I think the Lord & Berry is my personal fave at the mo… I wore it at the weekend for my birthday!

  3. Jet
    December 15, 2010 / 1:01 pm

    I've got MAC's Girl About Town, which is an amazing shade of pink. But oh my god, it makes my lips hurt so much the morning after wearing it on a night out!

  4. Andrea
    December 15, 2010 / 3:03 pm

    Which kind of Chanel lipstick and which shade is it please?

  5. London Beauty Queen
    December 16, 2010 / 9:14 am

    The Chanel one is Vamp and it's Rouge Allure

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