I’m just skin & bones

Ha, I bloody wish! Skin and Bones is actually the name of a great product that has just hit the shelves of Urban Outfitters and embodies the modern-retro-kitsch approach of the store. This unisex product has the ability to care for all your skin, hair and body needs in one bottle because it’s full of amazing aromatherapy oils that seem to be able to fix anything. You can use the oil as a body moisturiser, to help relieve dry patches, reduce wrinkles, tame split ends, condition hair and even deal with cellulite or stretch marks – it may even clean your loo if you ask it nicely.

The product comes in a delicious almost-black glass bottle that not only looks beautiful, stylish and simple, but also has a function – to keep the product inside in tip top condition. Old world apothecaries used these kind of bottles to protect against sunlight or contamination, so this uses old school technology in a modern way by making it recyclable and refillable too. I adore the logo too… I almost wanted to turn it into a picture for my wall! The oil itself is quite runny and has a yellow tinge, but it smells absolutely gorgeous; I can’t put my finger on what it is, but it reminds me of a Spring day skipping through a wood – don’t say I don’t get creative!

It’s easily absorbed, which I was surprised at considering it’s an oil, so you can use it whenever you need. I usually use oil-based products in the evening so I can wash them off the following morning, but with this there’s no need – you just get a slight feeling there’s something on your skin, rather than a full greasy mess. The scent lingers for quite some time, which is perfect for this kind of year when you could do with a pick-me-up. If you like that kind of organic, aromatherapy oil scent then this would be perfect for you because you don’t even need to top up with fragrance for a good few hours. I’m not sure how much this is (would guess about £20) but it’s available from Urban Outfitters and a few other places now: www.myskinandbones.com


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