High Lengths

A very good mascara is hard to come by, so when I find one I really love you have to literally pry it out of my hands and force me to try a new one – which is a challenge when you’re a beauty blogger! Since I’ve come to the end of my beloved Revlon Grow Luscious mascara I thought I’d try the newest one to pop through my letter box – Clinique’s High Lengths mascara. I haven’t used a mascara from Clinique in years so I had no idea what I was letting myself in for or whether I would love or loathe the result. Here’s what they say: “Provides length and volume upon immediate application. Its unique ‘willow’ applicator captures and coats all lashes to the very tip. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Opthalmologist Tested.”

Now having woken up with horrendously itchy and sticky eyes this morning I can vouch for the fact it’s safe for sensitive eyes. It didn’t make my eyes any more aggravated, which is often the case when I wack on twenty coats of mascara after a heavy night. I’m also a contact lens wearer and wore them together with this mascara for two days without a problem. (I always get confused by these sort of claims though as I never really know what problems you’re supposed to have with mascaras that don’t claim they’re suitable for contact lens wearers! Anyhoo…) The wand of this is like something I’ve never seen before and completely not what I was expecting when I pulled it out of the tube; it’s a bright green, stick thin, curved comb. So slightly different from the straight, massive traditional brushes I usually use then. I didn’t expect it to do much to be honest, particularly as I like my lashes loud and proud, but I was surprised with the results.

The comb initially doesn’t seem to be coating your lashes with much product, but as you build up the transformation starts – you need a good ten coats of this to get a wearable result. The great thing about the curved brush is that it sits with the shape of your eyelid, making it easier to catch the lashes and manipulate them to move in the way you want them to. The only problem is that it’s really hard to get to the inner corner of your eye so you have to kind of poke about with the end of the wand until you get the hang of it. This mascara doesn’t give you ‘great lengths’ but it is good at giving a little bit of volume and a lot of separation… I wouldn’t wear this out in the evening but it’s a nice ‘midi’ mascara for the day. Would I re-purchase? Yeah probably. I wasn’t bowled over, but I did quite like it and was definitely pleasantly surprised.

My tired, tired eyes this morning…

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