He-Shi, it’s all about me

Over the Summer I tend to fake tan a lot, but it seems to fade away with my increasing laziness and the ratio to temperature. By the time it gets to Winter I always say I’m going to slap on the tan, but it rarely materialises… unless that is that it’s my birthday and I’m wearing a dress that shows of some flesh. I’d heard good things about He-Shi and had the chance to have a quick sniff and play at a recent press event, so with it promising to give a ‘natural looking tan’ in minutes it seemed like the best evening on Friday evening to add a bit of colour to my see-through skin.

The formula itself isn’t a cream or traditional lotion, it’s basically like tinted water. This confused me as I didn’t know if this was therefore supposed to be a ‘wash off’ or a temporary tan… more on that later. You literally slap a few drops onto the He-Shi mit and rub into your skin. The product easily moves around so it’s not that hard to get great coverage pretty quickly, and the colour means you know where you’re putting it/where you’ve missed. I put on about two (and a bit) layers and it does start to do that peeling thing like when you put on a dodgy moisturiser, but these just flick off and don’t affect the tan itself.

The scent is pleasant and not as strong as a lot of the fake tan brands, but there definitely is still a scent… I like the biscuity smell you get though, so if you don’t like the smell at all it could be a problem! I managed to cover all of my bits pretty easily and it dried in seconds… something that I usually struggle with is standing in strange positions while I wait for the tan to dry so I don’t end up with seat marks on my legs. I still wasn’t sure if this was a wash off so I left it overnight hoping that there would still be some tan left in the morning; there was! I had a mild panic because I’d given myself ‘tan hands’ (something I don’t think I’ll ever get right) but these washed away in the shower. Once I’d washed off the top layer it really left me with a subtle, radiant colour.

You can see from this pic (excuse the massive stain down the dress… that’s a whole other story, but this was the best pic of my tan!) that the colour is really natural and just looks like I’ve been for a weekend somewhere hot. Because I’m so pale it looks ridiculous when the colour goes too dark, but this is fantastic, possibly the best tan for Winter I’ve ever tried. Because it’s a water-type formula a little really goes a long, long way so the £20 price tag is literally a bargain if you think about how many tans you get out of other bottles. He-Shi, you’ve sold it to me.


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  1. Gemma
    April 9, 2011 / 8:46 pm

    I LOVE He-Shi!! I got this off the tv a few years back and LOVED it!! It did everything they said on the tv, and was so easy to use! I'm useless with fake tan, always getting streaks and missing bits, but He-Shi was great! I did look like an orange the morning after though when I'd piled it on the night before one time!! Ha ha!! Got a bit carried away!!

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