Fragrance by sunset

A fragrance is a very personal thing. I stay away from buying it for anyone just in case I get it completely wrong, and rarely get fragrance bought for me for the very same reason. But it goes to show how well a friend knows you and your tastes when they buy you a fragrance you’d been eyeing up (without knowing) and that suits you perfectly. This is what happened at the weekend when a good friend of mine got me the new Hugo Boss Orange Sunset for my birthday – I adore it. This is what they have to say about the scent and because I’m rubbish at describing smells I’ll let them take it away…

“BOSS Orange Sunset features an evocative combination of creamy, sensual notes. A heady bouquet of orange blossom and tuberose in the heart notes is set against a creamy sandalwood and vanilla base, imbuing BOSS Orange Sunset with the same soulful sensuality that characterizes all BOSS Orange Women fragrances. The addition of inviting, tropical granadilla blends with the prominent floral heart notes to give the fragrance a fresh flair. A fragrance for the passionate and expressive woman.”

Erm ok then. Does that mean much to you? No, me either. Basically it’s a really light and refreshing scent that has a citrus backnote without being too Summery. I usually have different fragrances for different seasons or times of day, but this one bottle will cross all boundaries for me. The bottle is fabulous too, a real work of glass art, so it’s taken pride of place on my perfume shelf. The scent lasts all day too without really changing much, so what you see it what you get – a subtle, yet strong, delicious scent that’s modern and passionate. I could start writing those complicated descriptions now couldn’t I!


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