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A face mask is part of my regular beauty regime as I believe it’s really important that once a week you give your face a big treat. It’s a good way to refresh your skin and really impart some goodness, as well as removing some of the weeks build-up that your cleansers and toners just don’t quite remove. I’m traditionally a fan of clay based masks, so when I tried this one from Organic Surge I was surprised to see that it was more of a creamy lotion. The ‘First Class’ mask is suitable for all skin types and contains lemon, orange, aloe vera and rosemary essential oils so it smells absolutely amazing. Like amazing-amazing, ‘never smelt so good before’ amazing. It claims to give dull, dehydrated skin an instant boost, imparting moisture and calming/soothing the skin.

I love the fact that this mask comes in a pump bottle that is really easy to use, pumping a decent amount really easily into your hand even when you’re all slippery from wacking the first lot on your face. I used two pumps and it covered my face well, although because it’s a creamy white colour it makes it more difficult to make sure it’s in the right place! Because it’s not a clay mask it doesn’t dry, meaning you have to guestimate when it’s time to take it off, rather than having that clay-tight feeling when it’s dried. Five minutes does the job well, but to be honest I left it on longer because it smelt so good and didn’t make my face feel tight. When I did take it off I couldn’t believe how soft my skin was… plump, refreshed, super-smooth and clear. I couldn’t stop stroking my face! Normally when I use a mask my skin can feel quite tight and dehydrated afterwards, meaning I slap on a lot of moisturiser – with this there was no need as it felt in tip top condition straight away.

I think this has taken top place in my ranking of face masks currently in my cupboard. It’s not as messy or drying as the others that I really like and my skin has never felt so healthy after five minutes before. If you’re suffering from dull, dry skin in this weather then I suggest you grab a bottle of this from Boots pronto.


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