Crash Diet?

This time of year we all start to overeat and drown our Winter woes in chocolate and biscuits, which ironically is the one time of year we’re all donning our party outfits and flashing the flesh. In the past I’ve been known to spend the couple of weeks before a big event on the Slimfast shakes, just so I can lose a few pounds and feel better about myself in that slinky number. I know it’s not a long term solution (and on the whole I’m happy the way I am, even though I’ve been a lot smaller and a hellova lot bigger) but sometimes it gives you a boost, as well as a slight detox from all that rubbish you shove in your gob. (Or is that just me?) Rodial have just launched Crash Diet smoothies to their slimming range, which contain only 70 calories and 70% of your daily proteins meaning you should feel fuller for longer.

The name, in my opinion, wasn’t probably the best choice by their marketing department as I can just sense the outrage at calling something a ‘Crash Diet’! The worse thing you can possibly do to lose weight in the long term is to go on a crash diet as you just end up putting the weight back on again as soon as you start eating again. Having spent the majority of my teenage years yo-yo dieting, I can honestly say this isn’t the best way. However, if you take it for what it is, the Crash Diet smoothies can really provide you with a quick way of shaping up for a special occasion… they claim to enable you to drop a dress size in 10 days, which is a strong claim. For me, these meal replacements work best as I’m much more focused if I strip meals out altogether rather than being tempted into a sauce or side order.

The shakes themselves come in banana and strawberry flavour and can be mixed with either milk, juice or water – something I think is a great idea as milky shakes can get a bit dull after a few days. I also know of people that detest milk, so mixing it with your morning OJ is the next best thing. The shakes taste lovely – you get a hint of both banana and strawberry without it being a really strong, sweet, sickly taste – and make a light pink concoction. At £48 for a pack (presumably with the 10 days supply) these aren’t cheap, but if they provide a solution that works I know people wil pay the price. To start the new year off on a good footing I’ll be trying out the full routine thanks to Rodial to see if a) I can stick to it b) I can stomach ten days worth of milkshake and c) if I can really drop a dress size! Keep your eyes peeled this January for more info…


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  1. beano54
    April 15, 2011 / 10:58 am

    just wanted to know how you got on with the shakes, any difference

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