All Sensitive

Aveda have just launched two new products into their skincare range, formulated for very sensitive skin. In the harsh winter months you can really suffer from dry, irritated, red skin from all that flipping back and forth between the freezing outdoors and the super cosy indoors. The concept behind the All Sensitive Cleanser and Moisturiser is that you should be re-dressing the balance of your skin so that it’s bright, radiant and hydrated. Both products are aroma and paraben free, as well as being dermotologically tested, so there are no nasties that could aggravate your already sensitive face.

The pump bottles are really handy (I know what I’m like given a bottle with just a lid – I end up using way too much and spilling most of it all over the floor,) and make sure that these products last for a long time. I love the look of the simple, clean packaging as it really fits in with what the ethos is all about. The cleanser is supposed to be used with water, but  I’ve found it’s equally effective just used on cotton wool alone… it gets rid of all of the dirt and grime build-up, as well as those last smidgens of make-up from the day. It cleanses without leaving your face tight or in any way irritated – you just feel clean and refreshed without being stripped.

The moisturiser is very light, surprisingly so. You need only one pump to cover the whole of your face in a film which isn’t greasy or offensive. (It’s amazing that you read to really search and pay for something that’s so natural and stripped back!) My face did feel moisturised, but the only problem I had was that it just didn’t seem to sink in to my skin… a good two hours later and it was still sticky to touch. I couldn’t apply my make-up over it so I had to use a baby wipe to get rid of the residue, so for this reason I’d only wear it in the evening or overnight. Overall I do like the products, but I’m not ‘wowed’ by them… they make a nice addition to a beauty hall and may save the face of some super-sensitive souls, but they haven’t revolutionised my skin. They just keep it looking as fab as it’s always been!


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