All Guns Blazing

Tommy Guns is a brand I’d heard of but never actually seen or tried. I knew it was a salon professional haircare brand, so in my head this meant expensive… not so. The range, including shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products, is available online and through John Lewis and Waitrose stores for a mere £3.99 and upwards. They’re unique because of their focus on ingredients and fragrance, which makes the price points even more baffling. I’ve been trying their Nettle and Burdock shampoo and conditioner, which sounds like a health drink and smells like one too – very refreshing, earthy and dandilion-ey! They claim the products will leave your hair rehydrated, nourished and moisturised bringing out your natural shine and texture… and they do.

The shampoo lathers well, although it has one of those ‘soft’ lathers you get with more expensive and luxurious products, rather than your Pantene’s foam-overload. The conditioner isn’t particularly thick, which is something I usually like, but it’s still easy to work it through your hair and cover every strand. The smell is to die for which makes me want to leave on the conditioner for ages, but it sticks around for a long time after too. I wash my hair at 7am and by the time I get home from work I can still sniff the gorgeous scent… I keep sniffing myself, which probably looks a bit strange on the tube. Not only that, it actually leaves my hair in super shiny and soft condition, with my colour sparkling even though it was dyed over a month ago. I’m really impressed with Tommy Guns, which is a good thing seeing as I’ve just got some Blueberry and Ginseng shampoo through the post and I’m sniffing it to death already.

PS – the only complaint I have is that the paper label started to flake in the shower after a few days, so it’s a good job the bottle is unique. I wouldn’t have a clue what it was otherwise. 



  1. Ola
    December 1, 2010 / 8:31 pm

    This sounds amazing, and the price really is a surprise! I looked at their website after reading this post and have to say I've got my eye on a few products now… will definitely look into it in more detail when I've run out of my current shampoo and conditioner!

  2. London Beauty Queen
    December 1, 2010 / 9:13 pm

    This is defo on my 'finds of 2010' list because they're so good and so cheap! I have a load of styling products to try too and I have high hopes : )

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