My Face or yours?

I’m always on the look out for some good makeup in my local Boots store. You may have noticed I don’t like paying a fortune for stuff that I’ll either break or lose within a week. I like an impulse luxurious purchase once in a while, but on the whole I like them cheap, cheerful and functional. My Face cosmetics has been in Boots for a while now, but I have to admit that I thought it looked a bit plastic and figured the quality would be the same. I’ve been having a play and the quality of the pack and the product has surprised me – up close it’s actually qualitative and the products perform too.

First up we’ve got blush. The packs look a bit like an old-style ipod, and although I thought it would be cheapy and fall apart after a few uses, they’re heavy and pleasant to use. They even come with a built in mirror and brush so you can use it on the go. The colours come out well and can be easily blended – the formula is smooth and nonabrasive on the skin. You can either use a quick ‘flick’ for a subtle result or build the colour up for a more striking look, something that often isn’t achievable from the cheaper brands. I like these blushers and I’m falling in love with the case too.

Next up we’ve got lipstick. Again, when I first looked at the packs it wasn’t my cup of tea at all – white and plastic may scream ‘modern’ to some, but to me it shouts ‘cheap and easy to make’. However, they are growing on me and it’s nice to have something a bit different in your makeup bag. The product itself though is lovely – the colours come out very sheer and light, perfect for those of you who may be nervous about using lipstick or bold colours. It’s a nice alternative to a gloss without being too heavy on the feel or colour. There’s a nice range too… coral, beige, brown, pink, everything you need to match your pout to your mood. A definite winner for me.

Finally we’ve got some lipgloss. I wasn’t as impressed with this as the other products. The plastic tube seems a little cheaper than in the blush and lipstick, and the handle is quite sharp and almost ‘unfinished’. The applicator isn’t as soft as some other cheaper brands I’ve tried but it still applies well. The lipgloss itself comes in some nice, neutral shades – I especially like the golden shade here which reminds me of something from a premium brand – that will suit everyone, but it doesn’t have a particularly nice smell or texture. It’s perfectly useable and will fill a need if you just need a new lipgloss, but you won’t get any ‘extra benefits’ – it doesn’t moisturise, doesn’t last a long time, isn’t exceptionally shiny. It’s very much just a pleasant lipgloss.

Overall I quite liked the products and they definitely challenged the perceptions I already had. It’s a good brand to have a play with in store and find something that surprises you and fills a shopping need! It’s really hard for a mass brand to launch and be successful, but My Face are obviously doing something right as they’re going from strength to strength. I’m going to be donating all of these products (along with many others) to the Give and Makeup cause – where beauty products are being given to women in Refuge. It’s a fab cause that will make such a difference to the women who may have left home with little more than the clothes on their back. Make sure you find out more and try to do your bit too.



  1. xXMaNdAXx
    November 1, 2010 / 6:23 pm

    I think it's a great cause! It's very nice of you to do that.I love the blushers you swatched.. and the lipsticks look really pigmented!xoxo

  2. missy_ellie_uk
    November 1, 2010 / 7:14 pm

    I have the 'Holiday' blush, it's more of a summer colour but I love it. Glad these are all going to a good cause too x

  3. London Beauty Queen
    November 1, 2010 / 9:06 pm

    I'm going to give away as many products as I can over the next few weeks and hope that it'll get other people involved. The products will definitely be going to a good home : )

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