Buxom Lady

I feel like I’ve rejected my gloss recently – with the Winter weather comes the influx of lipbalms and moisturising treatments to counteract the wind and frost. But this morning I grabbed this out of my ‘to do’ pile of cosmetics (yes, I do have a ‘to do’ piles of products) as I fancied a change. I love the Bare Minerals products and they’ve been handy to have when I don’t want much makeup, as well as really helping with the condition of my skin. This lipgloss is from the same brainchild so I hoped it would be as good – it is! Buxom Lip Polish is ‘for pout plumping perfection,’ not only giving a great colour but also a little bit of plumping so you look like a lady with great assets… your lips.

I love the pack of this and the way it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The name and design are a bit tongue-in-cheek and remind me of Benefit or Soap and Glory rather than a pretty serious makeup brand like Bare Escentuals. The polish pack itself is chunky and great quality (so it should be for £17) so it won’t get bashed up easily in your bag. I adore the colour of this shade, Dolly – it’s exactly the sort of shade I love to wear in the day as it gives you a bit of colour without being too overbearing. It’s a pinky brown shade with hints of gold and a few sparkles which catch the light even when the gloss itself has worn off. I put this on at 8am as I was leaving the house and didn’t re-apply until midday, so it definitely lasts a lot longer than the majority of my glosses. The texture isn’t too sticky or gloopy, which is why I think it hangs around as it doesn’t transfer or get warn off easily when you talk – which for me is a lot.

Buxom Dolly – sounds a bit wrong

The added benefit of this though is that it contains 100% minerals and a lip plumping ingredient which leaves your lips feeling a little cool and slightly tingly, while ever so slightly boosting their volume. A lot of other products like this use irritants to boost your lip volume and this absolutely kills me – I have super sensitive lips so I may as well cover them in bleach. The result of this gloss is really subtle and builds up over a few minutes, rather than irritating/scaring you immediately with the feeling that your blowing up quicker than Violet Beauregarde in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. To top this all off, it even smells lush with a hint of vanilla and has a super smooth applicator. At £17 it’s not cheap, but I have to say I think it’s worth it.


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