In the Palmer’s of my hand!

To find out how I made up that random title you’ll have to read until the end of this post… coz that’s just how I roll. So Palmer’s body lotion is one of those products that is always winning awards, features on the beauty pages of magazines and is a ‘desert island must-have’ of more people than I care to count. But what about their lip range of cocoa butter lipbalms? Well I was sent a few to try, and as an avid lipbalm fanatic who’s never found without at least two within reaching distance, I was excited about how they could moisturise my lips as well as Palmer’s body lotions do legs.

I’ve been trying three products (yep, I can try that many lipbalms at once… that’s how much I use the stuff) including Lip Butter, Swivel Stick and the traditional Moisturizing Lip Balm. All three have a slightly different purpose, a different pack and a unique formula, giving you plenty of reasons/excuses to buy all three. My favourite of the pack was the Lip Butter which comes in a lipgloss-like tube rather than your traditional lipbalm stick. The formula is absolutely delicious, smelling basically like an After Eight mint thanks to the mix of dark chocolate and peppermint ingredients. It’s so lush that I found myself applying it even when I didn’t need to. The product is fairly thick so you don’t squeeze too much out of the tube, and it moisturises your lips while giving a little bit of shine so you don’t need a gloss. I did feel like it softened and soothed my lips, but the result wasn’t particularly lasting… it’s more of a cosmetic than medicated lipbalm.

The Swivel Stick is my sister’s favourite as she kept saying I looked like I was applying a Pritt Stick to my face. It’s like a giant chapstick (so yeah, basically a Pritt Stick) which can not only be used on dry, chapped lips but on other areas of the body too. It’s designed to be used on dry patches of your face in the Winter, (think chapped noses) and also on marks and blemishes to rehydrate. I’ve used it all over the place and the formula isn’t greasy at all so it absorbs into the skin quite easily and quickly. Although it’s not going to super moisturise your skin back to health, it’s definitely a good product to keep in your handbag throughout the Winter months to ease any discomfort that the whistling wind brings.

The third product is the traditional Moisturizing Lip Balm which is nourishing and easy to apply, but nothing wonderful or unique. It smells lovely and rich like the other Palmer’s products and is a good all-round lipbalm, so with this one it’s more if you like Palmer’s in general or you like the scent. I like the fact that all three of the products have a different selling point, so you can get away with splurging and getting all three. The prices are so reasonable you won’t be able to resist either – the Swivel Stick and Lip Butter are both £2.49 and the Lip Balm £1.69. Bargainous! So this is the reason, ladies and gentleman, that they’ve been in the Palmer’s of my hand all week long… geddit?!



  1. esteeem
    October 18, 2010 / 11:37 pm

    I have the lip butter! love that chocolate mintyness of it aswell, my lips tingle a little =Das for the others, I havent yet tried them, but someone on my blog said the lip balm is the best (when I reviewed about the vaseline cocoa butter). The swivel stick sounds like my kinda thing, cos I already have dry skin & the winter months just kill me!

  2. Anonymous
    October 18, 2010 / 11:57 pm

    I am a huge fan of Palmer's and have used their coco butter moisturiser on and off for about 10years (since my very early teens)!! Haven't tried these products thoguh – but might have to now!

  3. London Beauty Queen
    October 19, 2010 / 8:35 am

    I really like the balms and they're so cheap too… they're even suitable for boys because they're not too girly x

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