Calling Dr Nick

As a blogger I have the real privilege of getting invited to some great events, which in turn enables me to meet some fantastic people. It makes such a difference when you get to meet the ‘face’ behind a brand because you can get such a feel for their passion, enthusiasm and the reasons why they launched the products in the first place. Last night it was the turn of Dr Nick Lowe from his self-named range of skincare products to entertain me – and entertain me he did. In fact, I kind of wish he was my dad… what a legend.

Dr Nick is a dermatologist with so much experience it’s hard to fathom. He wanted to bring great skincare to the masses and prove that a good product doesn’t have to cost the earth – we like. He’s researched and developed the products extensively and has now launched a range which not only looks, feels and smells fab but does the job too.  “After 10 years developing a clinically based skincare range, Dr Lowe is adamant that a “good skincare regime does not need to be expensive to be good” and he does not believe in overpriced, so called ‘miracles in a pot’! This is a refreshing philosophy, especially from a skin care guru who has being linked so frequently with ‘turning back the clock’ for so many ‘A’ list celebrities.”

Dr Nick (I like calling him that as it reminds me of that guy off The Simpsons) was engaging, approachable and really believable. I’m a massive skeptic when it comes to lotions and potions that claim to fix problems, but after listening to him I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the products. He’s split them cleverly into Anti Age, Anti Blemish and Skin Solutions – all colour coordinated but still simple, fresh and make you feel like they’re going to work. There’s nothing worse than a range which is so science-looking that it’s intimidating and puts you off – Dr Nick has got this just right.

You will look as flawless as this… ahem!

Some of the products are even formulated with the same ingredients that pharmaceutical products use to help clear up acne. They contain a higher concentration of humectants (which attract moisture to the skin,) SPF 15 and are only lightly fragranced for minimal interference with your skin. They also all contain the unique Cranley Complex, “a proven combination of potent anti-oxidants, expertly formulated to protect skin against signs of ageing and reduce skin damage caused by daily exposure to the elements; sun, pollution, stress.” Interestingly he recommends the Anti Age range for anyone with normal to dry skin as it just imparts extra moisture, and told us that a lot of the skin problems you think you have are due just to the wrong cleanser/moisturiser/makeup you’re wearing. He makes skincare simple and easy to understand, giving you combination of products to use together to get the best out of them, making your skin luscious and lovely!

The ingredients in The Cranley Complex

I’ve got a lovely selection of products from the range to try (more posts on that later) but these were definitely the favorites of the night… cure little starter kits, perfect for weekends away as well as giving you an introduction to the brand for a mere £14.99. You get a good range of products which together make a whole ‘system’ – perfect of you’re a bit wary of trying something new. This range has the potential to be a winner in my book…. And Doctor Nick Lowe? Well, I’ve already told you he’s a legend.



  1. Louise-Lesley
    October 28, 2010 / 11:46 am

    eeep. i'm not a fan of the toner or moisturiser but I ADORE the foam cleanser and the spot gel.When I first started using the cleasner, I was really dubious because it was a foam and it felt like it was doing nothing but my face hasn't been this clear in years!

  2. London Beauty Queen
    October 28, 2010 / 3:53 pm

    I can't wait to try them… I've got a weekend plan of action! : )

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