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I’ve been toying with the idea of doing this a while, so bear with me and normal blogging will resume pronto. A few weeks ago I ran a competition to win a haul of beauty products worth well over £100. (I’m generous, what can I say!) To enter, all you had to do was tell me what you liked about LBQ and any suggestions for improvement… not unlike a school report card. The response I got was so fab and the comments so overwhelmingly complementary that I thought I should take the time to thank everyone for their support. It really isn’t worth doing this without feedback, the comments on my posts, interaction through facebook/twitter and actually meeting some of you fabulous people.

So here I am, blowing my own trumpet and sharing with you some of the great things you guys had to say. I have to say that unanimously you all seems to love the fact I talk about cheap products as well as your more luxurious – something that you seem to be coming back for. Who am I to argue – the trend is set to continue.

I heart you guys!

Sabrina: I wish I had found you earlier! I’ve found myself some great buys due to your blogs, and you’ve turned me into a Batiste addict… don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Also, your twitter posts. Love them! Thank you for being so fabulous! Ciao! x

Anonymous: Hi there! I love your blog because I’m addicted to make-up and beauty products – and you are too!! You cover new products and give a really honest opinion, which stops me wasting money on stuff that doesn’t work. I love the layout, the images and your writing style. Better than most beauty magazines. Keep up the good work.

Rachel: I love reading blogs and reviews online for make up and beauty products but none are as easily read, funny, informative and truthful as yours. I adore make up and beauty products and LOVE how you try out low budget items too. I will definitely be sticking with LBQ!x

Annie: Make up and skin care products are the type of things that you like to have recommended to your before you buy them. They end to be quite expensive and it’s always re assuring to hear from a REAL person what they thought of it. Sure we all have different preferences and budgets etc but your blog always speaks the truth. You’re not biased to a particular product and have a great range of products covering all budgets and purposes! You also make me giggle from time to time with your twitter updates! 😉

Dizzybrunette3: I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, but only just set up a blogger account. I really like this blog as you blog about beauty products which are all different price ranges. I hate blogs when they just review high end beauty products, as a student I’d never be able to afford a £30.00 foundation. So I like the fact I can log on and look at some products, I can also go out and buy myself 🙂 xxx

rebeccahardisty: I love your blog because your informative and honest – every girl wants gorgeous products to make her feel special, that aren’t going to cost a fortune and you are great at finding those for us! You are also very witty in your tweets and I find it highly entertaining. I am so busy I don’t have time to go out and try out millions of products. Your blog enables me to sit at my desk and make my work day more enjoyable.

thefashionfreak: I love LBQ because you still talk to me on twitter even though you are all famous with your 700odd followers! I also love you because you’ve done so well to get all those followers and because your blog posts are always brilliant! ANNNNNNND because you run brilliant competitions like this!! xxx

MJKMurphy: I love your blog because it’s witty, to the point and doesn’t pander to what the PRs tell you what to say! Also a great mix of cheap and high end products so there’s something for everyone, whatever side of payday you find yourself on!

Laura: I love your honest reviews and the fact that you aren’t snobby about cheaper brands. I have been toying with the idea of buying some ELF products for some time. After reading your reviews I went ahead and ordered a few different shades of nail polish and an eye shadow/liner pen. They are all fab! No looking back now! Keep up the good work.


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