Artist’s Palette?

Like Chery Cole, Karen Gillan and Bree from Desperate Housewives (I’m trying to be current!) I have a thing about red hair at the moment. I’ve always experimented and have literally been every colour under the sun, except blue, since being at Uni and discovering the cheapest way to change my look was to spend a few quid on hair dye. Schwarzkopf are well known for those extremely German XXL adverts, but I haven’t used one of their dyes in years. They’ve just released a new addition, Palette Intensive Cream Colour, and this is what they have to say…

“Finally rich, long-lasting colour that cares for my hair at an incredible price! New Schwarzkopf Palette, the first intensive crème colourant with nourishing Macadamia oil for incredibly rich, long-lasting colour with perfect grey coverage. Choose from a range of 12 shades to leave your hair looking shiny and nourished. The nourishing Macadamia hair mask provides your hair with the care it needs after colouring.  It deeply cares for your hair to leave your hair amazingly soft with a gorgeous shine whilst ensuring an intense and long lasting colour.”

I tried out this colourant in Dark Bordeaux (pictured) which is a deep red/brown colour and right up my street. There’s nothing particularly special about the box (although it’s more what we’re used to on the high street, with no white blonde/purple haired men in sight) or the product inside – just your usual bottle of developer and cream colourant which you mix together and apply with the nozzle. It was easy to apply and enabled me to move the colour around to cover all of my hair without a problem. I always, without fail, get hair dye all over the place – my head, the bathroom, my clothes… I have a talent. Palette was easy to remove with just a baby wipe though, so no red ears or forehead for me. My hair did go quite stiff and hard (no naughty thoughts ladies) so I looked a bit like that guy from Lazy Town for all of 20 minutes, which was a new experience on me and did make my sister laugh. A lot. 

The dye washed out easily, but because the fancy conditioner comes in a paper sachet instead of a tube or bottle I managed to throw it away with the packaging. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have used it anyway because the sachets are a nightmare to open in the shower and my conditioners are normally much better quality anyway! I much prefer it when you get a decent amount of conditioner that can be used for a few times after dying to really maintain your colour. Anyhoo, so I washed out the dye, dried and straightened my hair and was pleased with the result. The colour was basically the exact same shade as the front of the box (although strangely it took a few hours to get that red tinge… it was just brown to start with) and extremely shiny. My hair was as silky and smooth as George Clooney and just kind of ‘fell’ into the style I wear it with little effort. Score.

My barnet. I promise I brushed it.

However, the next time I washed my hair and dried it with a white towel I basically signed my death sentence. This is why you should never use white towels when you’ve dyed your hair, and especially when you’re staying at your Mum’s for the weekend. The towel is now pink. Yep, proper dyed-by-my-hair-pink. I’ve hidden it under another towel and hope she doesn’t discover it until I’m long gone. Apart from this mishap overall I was pleased with the dye – I like my colour, the product was easy to use and has made my hair shiny as promised. There are only 12 shades in the range, which is disappointing with a name like ‘Palette’ as I expected a huge range of choice… here’s hoping they release a few more colours in the future and find a way to not dye towels pink!


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