Smouldering Eyes

Every girl loves to rock a smouldering, sexy smokey eye. It’s the one make-up trend that seems to have been around forever and shows no sign of fading away. Even though we’d all love to look like a doe-eyed vixen, how many of you tremble at the thought of applying liner or smudging your shadow? This fab double-ended eye tool from New CID cosmetics is all you need in your make-up bag… and it’s even called i-smoulder, so you can rest assured it’ll do the job.

New CID is a new brand on my radar so I didn’t know what to expect. I was sent a sample of i-smoulder in Azure, a navy blue colour. The first step is the eyeshadow which hides away in the lid of one end… if you’re anything like me this will fascinate you for five minutes while you figure out how it works. The smudging applicator grabs just the right of shadow so you can apply it and blend, without getting flecks of colour all over your eye. If you need more colour then you simply dip the applicator back into the lid. The shadow colour is a paler blue which shimmers and catches the light. It’s really easy to blend and smudge so you can’t really go wrong – a must for newbies or people with shaky hands.

The liner is angled and lengthy, nothing like a traditional pencil, so it’s easy to ‘colour in’ your upper and lower lids. It’s soft, yet not too much so, so it doesn’t scrape the lid or meet resistance. The colour is perfectly complemented to the shadow so the two really match, creating a sophisticated take on the smokey eye. This was really so easy to use and created a striking look that I then decided to drunkenly replicate on my mates in the pub… probably not the best idea after a few Mojitos.

I really enjoyed using this product and will definitely be using it again for a different look. My pictures really don’t do it justice, but they show how the colours work together. At £18.00 it’s pretty pricey, and compared to other brands and similar products I’ve used a little too much. However, if you want something that’s fab quality, easy to use and creates a strong look this is probably the wand for you.


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