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I’m a firm believer in ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ as it truly revolutionised my beauty routine. Since I started the three-step-programme (as I like to call it) my skin has been much clearer, smoother and breakouts are minimal. It’s the one area of my beauty routine that I won’t scrimp on, making sure I have decent products that do the job rather than just the latest 3-for-2 in Boots.

The lovely people at Dior kindly sent me their new Instant Cleansing Water to try and I ripped open the immaculately wrapped tissue paper quicker than you can say ‘Brenda’s Your Aunt.’ The packaging, as expected, is beautiful – simple, elegant, clean and instantly gives the impression that this is going to be great for your skin. It sounds silly, but I associate the package of a skin product with what it’s going to be like. Unconventionally, this cleansing water is clear – I normally associate cleansers with a creamy texture and toners as water, so this was a surprise for me – but just reinforced that the product is really pure and refreshing.

The pump bottle makes it super easy to administer the correct amount to your cotton pad (two squirts is perfect FYI) and it smells delicious. The formula is enriched with Pure Lily which claims to leave ‘the skin is clear and supple, with a gentle, silky smooth glow.’ It also gives the water a very slight scent which is uplifting and ‘clean’ – almost like a pure flower extract. The product doesn’t ‘drag’ over your skin, but glides and removes dirt easily.

I’ve been using this for two weeks and have honestly noticed a difference. I always use a face wipe to get rid of the first layer of grime, but have been using this in replacement of my cleanser and toner. It really rids your skin of the dirt, leaving it feeling refreshed and clean without that tight feeling you sometimes get. After a fortnight I already feel my skin is healthier and I haven’t had any dry or spotty patches (which normally pop up every so often.) It’s become a real pleasure to use this before bed time, replacing my normal chore of cleansing and toning. I was pleasantly surprised at the price too, as it’s only £23 from Boots – I’d expect this to be a lot more. A little goes a long way, thanks to the pump, so I don’t feel it would be any more expensive overall.

This is one products I really do believe it’s worth paying a bit extra for. Once again – J’Adore Dior! (That never gets old.)


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