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I had a pretty ace day yesterday. Sometimes there’s nothing nicer than taking a day off work to spend with yourself doing the things you love the most… in my case, eating cake, getting my hair cut, my makeup done and finishing off with a few cocktails. In homage to London Fashion Week, here’s what I got up to on the first day of this year’s Fashion Paradise.

Mmmm. Cake.

This has got absolutely nothing to do with beauty, but I really like cake. Like, REALLY like cake. If you have a birthday party and I don’t really like you, I’m probably coming for the cake. So when one of my colleagues told me about Hummingbird Bakery and the fact that they were doing special ‘soda pop’ cupcakes this week I couldn’t resist. I trotted down to Portabello Road in Notting Hill (which by the way is so much nicer on Friday – no tourists and lots of space) and ordered myself a coke special. This beauty had coke flavoured sponge and icing, cola bottles as decoration, but the best bit was that it contained popping candy in the cake mix! Mmmm, I’ll be going back for seconds.

I digress, back to the beauty stuff. The lovely ladies at Toni & Guy invited me to have my hair done at their pop-up salon in Somerset House, which is there for the duration of London Fashion Week. The salon sits right in the centre of the action and offers the glitterazi (and somehow me!) the opportunity to have their hair cut, styled or just va-va-voomed in-between shows. Considering it’s a ‘pop-up’ it’s still pretty damn glam. The back wall contains images of previous catwalk shoes in a big collage, really getting you in the spirit for some serious fashion abuse. They have two TVs replaying the fashion shows from February so you can watch while you’re pampered.

They’ve persuaded (or rather auditioned) some of their top stylists from around the country to offer their services and treat you to a real seeing to. My beautiful, chatty and generally pretty fab stylist really listened to what I said, discussing my options with me, saying what she thought would work and why. I felt like putty in her hands, I trusted her and I was ready to rock… sort my barnet out! She washed and massaged my hair and then the chopping began. Baring in mind my hair had gotten pretty long after a disastrous experience a few months ago, I was ready to have it styled and styled extreme. The Label M products she used (Toni & Guy’s professional range) all smelt fabulous and didn’t leave any heaviness or sticky feeling in my head – they left me feeling swishy and confident, loving my new do. They had a massive display of products and some really exciting innovations, including a volumising powder which expands when you shake it and a beautiful compact which contains split end balm to tame those fly-aways. I literally can’t wait to try the range – but that’s another post!

Check out my ‘do! I am soooo happy. I never, ever come out of the salon feeling truly happy with my barnet, but this time I really did. It was perfect, exactly what I wanted and I felt fab. I hadn’t been to a Toni & Guy salon since I was 17 and I ended up with a style I didn’t really want, but which the stylist convinced me would work. Three hours later I ended up with something I didn’t really like and a hole in my pocket. I would now totally go back to a T&G salon at the drop of a hat (or the flick of my hair!) because the service and cut was fab. Excuse the impromptu pic taken literally outside the venue on the way to the tube… here’s a slightly better one when I got home!

Toni & Guy will be available all week for appointments and are even sticking around for London Fashion Weekend. If you fancy a chop then you can book on the day – but make sure you go early because the appointments are getting snapped up pretty quick. Next stop was a quick pop into the MAC shop, which was offering info and makeovers. I’m really not familiar with the brand and have never even owned a product from the range, so I was intrigued to find out more. The MUA that I met was extremely colourful, wearing bright pink lips and matching brows – she looked ace. She added some depth and colour to my eyes and sorted my brows out for me… I have a massive thing about my eyebrows because naturally they’re uneven and completely not in the right place. She taught me how to work out where they should be, and then showed me how to recreate them using a thin brush, brown eyeshadow and a lot of skill. Look how natural they look – they even look like real hairs! I’ll definitely be trying this out at home, but no doubt it’s gonna take a LOT of practice!

So I had my hair done, my makeup sorted out… what better way to finish the day than with a cocktail or two? I’m back down to LFW over the next few days for a couple of shows and I can’t wait to get involved and feel like a bit of a fashionista. If you’re going to London Fashion Weekend make sure you go and say hi to the ladies at Toni & Guy, and maybe even pop down to MAC too. Until next time…

Mmmm. Cocktail.

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