Burt Take Two

So my experience of Burt’s Bees has been a bit of a rollercoaster. It started way up there with some amazing lip balms that haven’t left my side in weeks. It took a bit of a nose dive with a facial wash that really didn’t agree with my skin, but now like a good ride at Alton Towers the dip just makes the rise up again even better. I’ve be using the Orange Facial Cleanser which you could say is a little bit popular… literally everywhere I look,or whenever you mention Burt’s Bees then this product seems to be the diamond of the range.

This 100% natural cleanser claims to wash away impurities and make-up without over drying skin. It contains the ‘zesty oil of natural oranges’ to leave skin clean, hydrated and refreshed. I have to admit that it does all these things, while smelling delicious and feeling delightful. The formula is orange (naturally) and feels almost like a thick jelly; it lathers subtly rather than overloading you with foam, which is a natural reaction from a natural product. It really smells of zesty oranges, without that awful chemical citrus smell you so often get in other products (think your mandarin body washes,) so it uplifts you while you’re having your morning shower.

When applied to the skin it feels smooth, is easy to manoeuvre around your face and leaves you feeling refreshed and clean. It doesn’t give you a deep cleansed feeling which exfoliators or menthol products give, but this is great as an every day facial wash. There’s no tight feeling after – in fact my skin is smooth, radiant and clear. Most importantly though is the fact that it didn’t dry out my skin, nor did it react in any way or aggravate my sensitivities. Because it’s 100% natural it’s full of the best ingredients, something you can really tell after using it.

At £9.99 it’s not the cheapest product, but you do get a large tube which will last for ages as you need such a small amount of product. Considering it’s 100% natural and free from nasties such as sulfates, this is a fab product for anyone wanting something for super sensitive skin, as well as for those that just want to be careful about their skin care products. So Burt, what’s next on the rollercoaster?!


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