Sea Air

You all must know by now that my new favourite brand is L’Occitane. Everything they make seems to give me goosepimples and want to rush home to have a shower/slap on some moisturiser/clean my face! Imagine my excitement when I found out about their new range of limited edition products, inspired by the Calanques on the southern coast of France. Here’s what they have to say:

“Embark on an olfactory journey to the Calanques and make your summer last a little longer… Inspired by this true haven of peace, the new fragrant collection from L’OCCITANE is bursting with fresh, sunny and aquatic scents, for a unique feeling of well-being.”

The range is unisex so you can even buy the man in your life a special pressie, while secretly using it yourself. I’m in desperate need of the soap-on-a-rope… not because I use soap, but because it will match my bathroom perfectly! The packaging is delish and has already been picked up as must-haves by magazines such as Stylist. Get down to L’Occitane and grab some now before they all go.

The beautiful French coast


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