No 7 is No 1

As a beauty blogger I get sent a lot of products to try and review, I’m emailed hoards of press releases and a trawl round my local Boots turns into a research project. Very rarely do I now go into store for a specific product I’m after, and even more rare is when I’ve been reccomended something by someone else – the shame! This week one of my colleagues had a lovely nail varnish colour on which turned out not to be a colour, but a new top coat from No 7. So impressed was I that today I rushed down to Westfield to grab one up myself.

Boots No 7 release limited editions and seasonal products more often than I paint my nails, so rarely do I ever pay that much attention to them. However, as part of their new Autumn range (I know, it’s still August but it fels like bloody Autumn!) they’ve released a limited edition Stay Perfect Matte Top Coat. In the bottle it looks opaque and slightly pearlescent, but when applied it changes the shiniest of polishes into a delicious matte effect. The polish dries literally in seconds too, meaning sudges are minimal.

I’ve tried to take some ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots but they havent come out that well. I’m wearing a lilac polish and have decided that paler shades work better, although the matte effect would also look wicked on a black or navy shade. The top coat really smoothes the polish and minimises any split nails you can normally see poking through. Overall, it gives a really elegant finish and can make any cheap polish look premium. Even better is the fact that Boots are currently running their £5 off vouchers in store, so although this is normally £7.25, at the moment you can grab it for the bargainous price of £2.25 – what are you waiting for?!



  1. Makeup Savvy
    August 28, 2010 / 10:09 pm

    I bought this last week and have so far had matte nails all week! Really do love this product for transforming all my nail polishes and encouraging me to wear black nails for once! Perfect for Autumn and dark red wine coloured nails I'm thinking.

  2. London Beauty Queen
    August 29, 2010 / 12:44 pm

    It makes such a difference! I think I'm in love with it… no shiny nails for me in a while : )

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