Mineral Madness

The first piece of make-up I ever properly owned (excluding mummy-inherited eyeshadows and lipsticks) was a pressed powder. My mum and nan always used them so the smell instantly made me feel grown up and like I knew what I was doing. Since then it’s always been a staple in my make-up bag as it instantly makes my complexion flawless without slapping on layers of foundation. I’ve used every brand going, but after I ran out of my usual I started using Bourjois’ Mineral Radiance. I’ve had this in my make-up bag for what seems like forever, but I never actually got round to using it.

The first couple of times I did I felt like it made me look a bit orange so I put it away and started using something else. Now I’ve got the remnants of a tan I thought I’d give it another whirl… I’ve now decided that I love it and that I should’ve started using it ages ago! As it’s made with pressed mineral pigments it claims to give you a radiant and fresh complexion, without being too heavy or clogging up your pores. Job done, this works. It feels super light and fresh on your skin, whilst still giving you the coverage you need. I’ve been using this for the past month, my skin feels a lot better and I haven’t had to use those grease-removing papers at all.

The smell is quite strong and reminds me of old ladies, but don’t let this put you off – apparently it’s a signature scent that everyone loves, so maybe I’m just in the minority. The pack itself is handy too as it comes with its own mirror and puff, even though I prefer to use a brush to apply so you achieve lighter coverage. You get the added benefit of mineral powders working their wonder on your skin, as well as a pressed powder formula meaning it lasts for ages (and you don’t get powder all over the place!). This is definitely a new staple in my make-up bag. Here’s hoping I can find another shade that will see me through the winter!



  1. jessica rose
    August 10, 2010 / 12:35 pm

    haha, that was the first make up I owned too after my mum and nana had it I got their hand me down pressed powder, ew!x

  2. LondonGirl
    August 10, 2010 / 1:01 pm

    I think it's because it looks all grown up and feels like proper make-up! x

  3. Eli
    September 6, 2010 / 2:16 pm

    It's my favourite powder! And I live the smell, I think it's rose or something like that, which is a bit old lady like but still sooo pleasant 🙂

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