Warning! Warning!

I’ve inherited something rubbish from my dad. Not his height, his shoe size or his lack of backbone in certain situations – his bloody grey hair. Yes, lovely blog readers, I am 27 and I’m going grey. I actually have more grey hairs than my mother and she’s 50! This look doesn’t match with my youthful appearance in every other way (I still get asked for ID in Tesco) so I have to delve into the world of hair dying on frequent occasions.

I’m not really brand loyal to any particular product. I try them all, test brands which are on offer and head towards to super-quick ones which don’t leave me sitting on the edge of my bed watching the clock and wishing I could just do something more exciting. One I’d never tried is Garnier’s Herbashine which had a massive launch last year. My initial reaction was to stay away from anything plant related as I figured it wouldn’t be as powerful or rich enough to cover my grey lanky hairs (which seem to be three times thicker than normal hair!) But, hey ho it was on offer in Boots so I figured I’d give it a go.

The range doesn’t have a wide colour spectrum (presumably because of the ingredients) so I had to swap my normal red-brown colour for a dark golden brown. The formula developed in only 10 minutes – score – unlike many other hair dyes which take 20-25, unless you pay a premium for a quick-acting product. Simple to mix and apply, I left it on my barnet for 10mins and tipped my head over the bath to wash it – BIG MISTAKE!

After I’d washed and go-ed, I left it to dry naturally and went about my business (watching crap on tv, eating custard creams, twittering…) Then I walked past a mirror…. Oh. My. God. The formula had dyed my forehead a dark brown colour! Now, I didn’t get any on my forehead whilst it was developing as I’m pretty skilled in this area now – the only way it could’ve gotten there was when I turned my head over to wash it out upside down. It took a long time to wash out so the only explanation I have is that it dyed my head then! Here came the panic action of attempting to get it off; I tried baby wipes, moisturiser, cleanser, toner and even nail varnish remover… nothing worked. I started to panic! I slapped as much moisturiser on my face as I possibly could, went to bed and prayed for the best. After washing my hair this morning the majority has gone, but I still have some stubborn splodges on my arms which make me look like I’ve got some kind of skin disease.

So we’ve established you need to be super careful when using Herbashine, but what’s the result like? Well my colour does actually look super rich and lustrous and there’s no real difference from regular hair dyes I’ve used. My hair doesn’t feel as nourished as it normally does when I dye it and it does feel a little coarse too. The conditioner you get is in a super small sachet ( maybe this is the reason, as you don’t get a full heads worth) so it’s not fantastic value for money. To be honest I think I’ll stick with something else next time – at least I know I won’t have a brown head the night before an interview!

(PS – I did not look like that model after either!)



  1. Chez
    July 22, 2010 / 1:01 pm

    lol, haha, lolI'm still giggling, your grandmother went grey at 27 (nan not grandma) but I have natty s genes thank God, she didnt go grey til very late in life, luv ya xx

  2. LondonGirl
    July 22, 2010 / 1:27 pm

    Thanks mother ; ) x

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