Too Cool for School

I haven’t been into Lush for a while, which considering it’s normally a weekly thing has been a shock to the system. I’ve been missing the aromas in my bathroom as I seem to have run out of everything all at once – why does that happen?! So after a week in the sun on my hols I needed some serious hair salvage… as someone with pretty frizzy and unruly hair, added to the fact I straighten it to death, after a week of chlorine, suncream and sun damage my barnet was gasping for some nourishment.

Step up Lush’s Coolaulin conditioner. This fabulous, creamy potion smells deliciously tropical thanks to the added cocount and lemon juice – it makes you feel as if you’re still far away, living it large on a tropical island. Not only this, it really hydrates to leave your locks super shiny, manageable and tangle-free. It’s perfect if you really need a pick-me-up, but just as great if you have frizzy, curly or unruly hair. Topping it all off it also contains some soothing ingredients to nourish and calm irritated scalps, perfect for this time of year.

A conditioner like this is great to use in periods where you’re hair is getting a lot of abuse – it aims to fix every problem you may have so you only need one product. Fabulous results, reasonable price and only one slot on your bathroom shelf? Perfection.


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