Get your roots done!

Since the dawn of time us lady folk have been dying our hair and experimenting with colour. I’m sure that back in caveman times the women would shake their big sticks at the men and order them to go find something red to colour their hair with. As we’ve already established (read on down if you don’t know already) I’m a lover of hair dye. It saves my graces, allows me to try a new look and generally makes my hair in better condition.

The biggest no-no in the world of hair has always been to let your roots grow out. There’s nothing more council estate, Essex-wivesy than dark roots and blonde hair. It instantly makes you look cheaper than Katie Price at a book launch. So why, oh why, oh why have I been seeing grown out locks all over the place?

This ‘new trend’ started on the catwalk and sure enough channeled down to those folks we call celebrities. Alexa Chung, the Olsen twins, Jessica Simpson, Sarah Harding, Nicole Ritchie and even her highness SJP have been seen with half a head of roots. I know it’s supposed to be ‘cool’ and ‘on-trend’ but to me it just looks like they couldn’t be arsed. Was their hairdresser’s appointment book to full to fit them in? Are they scrimping to save for a new Mulberry bag? What is the meaning of this?

In my opinion the point of celebrities is to make us mere mortals aspire to look like them, worship every fashion step they take and to generally spend hundreds of pounds in an attempt to gain a little bit of their magic. This latest look is making me feel like my hair is sooo much better than theirs. And mine came out of a bottle costing less than a fiver.



  1. Annie
    July 27, 2010 / 2:57 pm

    Haha love this! I don't dye my hair but love this look! Well spotted! x

  2. LondonGirl
    July 28, 2010 / 9:23 am

    Always keeping one eye on the trends : ) x

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