Fruitilicious Body Butter

We all need a little care and attention every so often, our limbs even more so. In this changeable weather it’s essential that you moisturise regularly so that the peaks and drops in temperature aren’t playing havoc with your skin. I suffer from painfully dry legs and have managed to get myself into a routine of moisturising practically every night before going to bed, (apart from the drunken ones where I barely manage to get out of my clothes!)

I’ve tried so many moisturisers in the past, most of which have ended up in my friends’ bathrooms after they get thrown into the reject pile in mine! So many of them are too greasy, too light, cause me to itch all night long or stink like a setting lotion from 1956. It’s so difficult to get one product that ticks all the boxes, while feeling a little bit luxurious and a pleasure to apply.

 I’ve regularly forked out £12.50 for a Body Shop Body Butter as these are truly luscious – they smell delightful, they’re non-greasy and soak in really well. But this is a lot to fork out for something I lash on so frivilously! I’ve tried the Boots ‘Ingredients’ range which is a good alternative at half the price, but the best find has to be the ‘Essentials’ range from Superdrug. Both the coconut and shea butter and the cranberry and pomegranate varieites smell delicious, while the formula is thick and creamy. It really sinks into your skin, leaving it soft, smooth and moisturised. The added ingredients also bring benefits so your skin will be in tip-top condition in no time. These are super cheap at £3.99 so you can afford to slap it on every night without feeling guilty.


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  1. Sarah
    July 20, 2010 / 9:53 am

    Hi – have you tried the Palmer's range? Their Shea Body Butter and Olive Butter creams smell gorgeous, really moisturise and are dead cheap too – from about three quid. Enjoying your blog, best wishes Sarah

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