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With fake tan turning 50 this week you’d think that by now we’d have sorted all those tropical-coloured disasters out. Everyone has had a disaster or two in their time, but I’ve had more than most due to my paler than pale skin. Hooray for the people at FakeBake! With one too many spray tan disasters under my belt, I can safely say that Fake Bake is the answer to all your prayers; especially for those of us with the whiter than white complexion.

I came across this product when I had a disastrous encounter with another brand (which will remain nameless) which left me looking like a mahogany chest of drawers. It was the night before my holiday with the girls last year and seeing as I don’t tan, I threw caution to the wind and had FakeBake airbrushed on in the salon.

Having exfoliated thoroughly the night before, I was feeling unusually confident. After the initial application, it was quite dark, but after going to sleep and washing it off early in the morning, I was left with a beautiful golden tan worthy of a fortnight’s stay in the Maldives.

Paraben free, this tan is really even, great for a pale skin tone and the smell is not at all overpowering. What you will need to do though is take a bottle of it with you on holiday and keep applying it every other day to ensure your tan stays looking good. As you will have the base coat to apply it to it should be easy to maintain. Of course, you can apply the lotion yourself first, but for first timers I recommend you get it airbrushed on beforehand to ensure best results.

Many salons offer FakeBake tans so it’s worth looking for one near you. Failing that, if you want to have a go yourself, there is a range of FakeBake products you can buy in places like Boots and Selfridges. I use the Original FakeBake and it usually costs between £20 -£25 for 170ml from most department stores and includes an exfoliator and gloves to protect yourself from the dreaded yellow palms!


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