A Dry Spell

Today I took my monthly stroll around Westfield (even though I live 5mins away this is the most I can cope with it unless absolutely vital,) to catch up on all the beauty news I’ve missed. I love browsing the aisles, taking the time to look at all of the different products on display and noticing anything new, unusual or downright daft. I have to say it was an extremely successful (and expensive trip) so I’ve got enough news to keep me going for a good while! But my most exciting find of the was probably also the simplest (and cheapest.)

I’m a dry shampoo addict. Yup, I admit it. I feel like I need to stand up in a room, state my name and admit to the obsession. I’ve never been so satisfied with such a simple discovery! Initially it was given to me by a mate while we were festival-ing together in a tent… and if you’ve ever seen the photographic evidence you know that after a few days with no shower or shampoo my head resembles a bird’s habitat crossed with Jack Sparrow. This festival treat crossed over into my normal beauty regime and I’ve never looked back.


Batiste is the ultimate dry shampoo – ultra cheap, ultra effective and ultra cool. Now they offer exotic flavours it’s not just a bog-standard cheapo buy, it’s almost a fashion accessory that everyone freely admits unashamedly to using. It instantly spruces up a lacklustre do or helps you out when your alarm happened to turn itself onto snooze 13 times, or in my case when your boiler goes on the blink and you can’t bear to wash your hair in freezing water.

You can imagine my excitement today when I wandered past the Batiste shelf and something new and sparkly caught my eye, not unlike a magpie. They’ve only gone and bloody surpassed themselves. The newest additions to the range are ‘silver shimmer’ and ‘gold shimmer’ – whoop whoop! These new variants claim to give you a shimmery finish, and although very subtle they really do – the result is almost like applying a shine spray. But this isn’t the most exciting thing… these new variants are transparent! No more white marks or looking like you’ve got dandruff after you’ve applied too much, the ‘shimmers’ give the same result without the ‘side effects’. This is my next beauty cupboard staple. I’m just a bit worried someone will open a drawer and find 50 cans stuffed in… oops. I told you I was an addict.


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  1. Get Lippie
    July 11, 2010 / 8:05 pm

    How exciting, I think we're practically neighbours!

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