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Since coming off on holiday nearly two weeks ago, my tan has faded faster than Posh’s carb intake. Why do you seem to lose it practically as soon as you get off the plane? For the first few days I topped up with Dove’s Summer Glow tinted moisturiser/gradual tan (which I was reccomended by London Beauty Princess and is now my must have product!) but you can’t use this on or around your face – it’s just not designed for that sensitive place!

So, my options were to either slap on some major fake tannage, invest in some St Tropez facial tinted moisturiser or get straight back on a plane to Espana. All three of these seemed a little drastic. The only option left was bronzer. I’m usually a die-hard fan of Bourjois Delice de Poudre (chocolate looking/smelling delight of a bronzer) and have used this for a good few years. It gives you a gorgeous glow and you can use it all over your décolletage to create that ‘sun-kissed’ look. It’s super light too, meaning you don’t end up looking like Jodie Marsh post-sunbed.

However, I found a pot of Maybelline’s Dream Mousse bronzer stuffed in my massive make-up case which I’d obviously bought as part of their frequent 3-4-2 offers – you know you can never resist and always end up buying something you don’t really want or need! It was still unopened, a treasure chest for me to investigate… and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m not a great fan of liquid or thicker forms of bronzer – there’s a huge chance you end up looking blotchy where the colour doesn’t properly blend in, as well as it getting all over your hands (and in my case, all over my bed sheets!) I took a chance, dabbed my finger in, slapped it on my cheek and started to blend. The mousse was super light and blended so well it was hard to tell if it was make-up or a tan… there were no blotchy bits, no areas where it had clung to my pores. Perfection! The fragrance was slight and the colour perfect for anyone with fairer skin – another reason for me to fear bronzers. You can build up the colour and even dab some on your nose and forehead without it looking fake.


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