Let’s fly away…

Holiday season is upon us which means we spend the week before take-off calculating and re-calculating what will fit in our luggage and how much you can actually get away with for ‘carry on’. I’m off to Spain in less than a week, and it being the first beach-based holiday I’ve been on since 2002 I’m a little excited, but also extremely out-of-touch with preperation techniques! My holidays normally consist of either chucking as much as I can into the car boot and spending a week at a festival in the arse-end-of-nowhere, or jetting off for a long weekend sightseeing. I’m not used to this beach malarky.

And so the dilemma began… What do I actually take with me? How much do I actually need? What are all these plane restrictions? What can I nick from the hotel? I started to think of buying loads of empty bottles and filling them up with my various lotions and potions, but this prospect started to get messy and expensive! I shudder at the thought of dripping my £28 cleanser down the side of a spare bottle and not being able to get to the bottom of it. After a late night trip to Boots in Westfield I feel like I had one of those moments where an angel appears from the sky and small children start singing… their travel section was amazing!

The last time I went a-holidaying you were lucky if you could get iddy-biddy suncream bottles. Now you’re spoilt for choice. Simple do their own 50ml cleansers, toners and eye make-up remover. TICK! Soap and Glory have mini versions of all their body buffing cleansers, shower gels and scrubs. TICK! You’re spoilt for choice by Toni and Guy… they’ve got all their different shampoos, conditioners and styling products in mini versions. TICK! Top this off with some teeny cans of Batiste and some Boots facial wash and you’re laughing. TICK!

But where do I put all these mini pieces of wonderment, you ask? Grab yourself one of the amazing transparent beauty cases from Boots’ own label… they come with a couple of spare bottles, loofer and soap carrier, look super stylish in blue, pink and yellow, plus they’re only £8.00! Bung all your bits and bobs in here and it’s even suitable to carry straight through security at the airport – no skanky lunchbox bags for you! Now all I need to do is decide what to wear…


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